Happening Now: 2,000-pound European Satellite Crashing Anywhere on Earth Now!

An artist's impression of the GOCE satellite in orbit. In order to precisely measure the planet's gravity, the sleek, 16-foot long satellite is designed to orbit at a very low altitude -- just 160 miles above the Earth. (AOES Medialab) Fox News
  • Crashes in in 20 minutes, 7pm Eastern

Nov. 10, 2013

NewsRescue– A 17 foot long, 2000lbs European Space Agency satellite is plunging to earth right now!

Scientists are unable to predict exactly where it will land, though they have great certainty it will not be its manufacture base– Europe.

Most likely to land in the ocean, pieces of the 2000-pound satellite may be as large as 200lbs and may strike anywhere on earth.

Pieces of space debris have broken through roofs into home sin the past, landed on fields, etc.