Hassan Rohani Wins Iranian Presidential Elections

June 14, 2013; edit- Rohani has won the election!

NewsRescue– Preliminary counts indicate a Rohani lead in Irans closed presidential elections. The elections had an outstanding turnout, in the 70% range. The winner of the race will replace Ahmedinejad, the highly popular Iranian president, known for his intellect, unwavering rebuke of western governments and “Zionists.” Despite the most crippling sanctions in the history of modern earth, that Iran endured, Ahmedinejad successfully thwarted attack threats while managing to keep Iran afloat and even spurring ahead in competitive industrial and technological development.

Cleric and former nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani enjoys the support of many liberal-minded Iranians and moderates and reformists in his bid to become president of the Islamic Republic. Rohani’s credentials include membership in the Assembly of Experts and Expediency Council and Supreme National Security Council.

His track record proves his talent for working effectively with various factions, and, more than other candidates, his attitude – at age 64 – for change, both in Iran’s internal policy and internationally.

His degrees in law include a doctorate from Scotland’s Glasgow Caledonian University.

More on Rohani {translated from Persian}

Hassan Rohani presidential candidate at the “camera” Channel One television said the course taught me the difference between the rights of the Board of Governors and the Security Council resolution is a regular paper? Nice to read someone’s rights, these differences may not be a nice touch.
Hojjatoleslam Hassan Rohani said Iran! Who is your current mentor, Hassan Rohani was born in 1327 in a religious family in Semnan Sorkheh revolution was born. From age 11 on parents obliged to work during the summer I came to meet my expenses. Agriculture and carpet that day was a little tough for me, but I soon realized how much fun it is to stand on its own feet.
She said she always patient, selfless, kind of like the mother. That day my father and wanted fugitive in custody, and I was home alone with her ​​patience has run.

Eleventh candidate presidential elections stated positivity in Qom seminary and spent 10 years as a professor Ayatollah Ali Soltani, F. Lankaran, martyr Beheshti, Motahari great outcomes and I miss out on teachers such as Ayatollah Mohammad Nami researcher groom Hayryyzdy Gulpaygani and lessons learned from the smooth fan ijtihad salute them all.
The priest pointed to his university said in a university law degree and undergraduate and postgraduate students at Tehran University spent outside my country, but I have an important message to the rights of law and course. Not of the view that many world class read rights, but also of the view that rights course taught me how to defend their rights and interests as well.
He added that this was the right course taught me the difference between the Board of Governors and the Security Council resolution is a piece of paper? Nice to read someone’s rights, these differences may not be a nice touch. Islamic Movement of 41 years and his leadership, but always bought to life as a soldier standing in the Islamic movement. Presentations, arrested, prosecuted located, how beautiful that movements Mmnvalmnbr understand that the road to independence, fight against oppression and establishment of Islamic law in the land.
“And then the glorious Islamic Revolution won the honor I had to assume responsibilities. Always representative of the people and I am. Legitimacy that comes from the public vote, is honor. 20th year of the popular vote in the Centre As chairman of the Legislative Committee and the Chairman of the Commission, I served Syastkharjh. then the second term representing the people in the leadership expert and I am now represent the leading experts in Tehran. ”

Eleventh candidate presidential elections by saying that I am proud to represent the Imam and leader, said: When the Imam accepted and always wanted to visit, I already concluded the representative of the Supreme Leader’s representative of the range of leadership in the most important Supreme National Security Council my country.
He added: I know intimately familiar leadership and devotion for 45 years from 1347 to date a great asset for me is the one who should be running the country, it solve the problems of a close to help him.
He represented the people and leadership responsibilities, I was burdened with heavy responsibilities in a holy war. Although proud of the holy martyrs, their families and veterans Wu, but as a soldier I was honored to be the head of the Khatam base. Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, who was once commander of the Air Defense Command order of Ayatollah Khamenei and was the chief support.
The Eleventh presidential candidate said the Defence Staff of the lessons learned, learned how to collaborate with world renowned experts in creating a technically complex. Babai and martyr martyr remembered Sattar There should bear the burden of their defense. This was followed expertise and collaborative efforts that we will succeed in Valfajr 8 to get 73 aircraft in 1364 to overthrow the world to Iraq wonder and puzzled.

Spiritual pride in stating that it yielded another lesson told Sky Iranian security not only geographically but also in the cultural environment, economic and social Iran always in need of protection, care, and then the expertise and tools necessary to be provided The enemy will be crushed and the welfare and safety of people and will live free.
He won by the warriors of Islam, I am 16 years immediately took over the responsibilities of the National Security Council. PROUD during the first eight years of the presidency of Ayatollah Hashemi tried.
He continued to regain territory occupied by Sdamyan first achievement Supreme National Security Council, the release of all prisoners and prisoners of war in Iraq in the UN Security Council as well as serving as the aggressor.
Rohani said the council’s first event, the critical time and the conviction that Saddam invaded Kuwait, the region before and after the attack on the Coalition’s stance neutral zone and activate the safeguarding the interests of the National and national security, and public posturing, Iran was forced to admire, honor council.
Eleventh candidate presidential elections, stating that the Supreme National Security Council during the presidency of Khatami’s eight years later, was also very important actions, said the signing of a security agreement with Saudi Arabia and warm and close relationship with the neighbor to the 11 Sptamyr and position-wise sensitive to the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the event of a land invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran all levels is very critical and important and historic I’m proud of the and the contributes to I decide.
Spiritual continued occupation of Iraq and Baghdad after the next major issue was that the country wanted the Security Council to put sanctions or war. In this section the conspiracy behind Israel and America will fail.
He said that the Tehran talks with three European ministers, the leader of the conspiracy, contrivance, and no retreat and defeat America and Israel said in a speech on 82/8/11. We were able to distance the country from UN sanctions and war and peace in the nuclear case to the Board after a year to establish the possibility. We have the opportunity to complete nuclear technology and the opportunity to develop relationships with other countries. Finish the course in a way that led the wise and learned as they mature management. Here’s all I needed to know the Supreme National Security Council during the 16 years of success, guidance, and support that leader is Arshadsh.
Candidate in the presidential election of expediency and said: I am over 22 years of Mshlt of the Assembly and approved by the general policies of particular importance in the eyes of the general policies of Article 44 Andza 20 years of my experience on all He’s important. Also being in the Centre for Strategic Studies and Research in various fields of economic, social and political system is such that most of the country’s future Rhtvshh heavy to handle, and I am proud and I am proud of it.
Iranian cleric to be addressed, said: dear people of Iran! Although the problems we are facing major economic, cultural and foreign policy, although economic growth was negative in the past year is projected to be 8% instead of this year is negative, although it was investment 07/08 to be 1.2 percent, while unemployment rose from 11 to 12.2, 10.3 to 30.5, although swelling of the promotion Unfortunately, even though our population has soared Bdakhlaqyha, but drug prices rose more than 40 percent, although the gap between the most and Most, but we live in a great and glorious rich physical and material resources and manpower has enabled valuable.
The Eleventh candidate presidential elections, said the country has been the world’s most sensitive and geo-strategic situation in the region Zhyvpvlvtyk, backgrounds highway north to south, is the world’s second largest oil and gas resources, our people because of their economic problems? Where is the problem? The problem begins at the Management. The problem begins with individual decisions, the problem of lack of consultation begins.
Rohani said: unless one or more individuals or a small gathering in a big country like Iran are able to manage this global conspiracy? We need to have everyone we need the best, we need to consult with our experts and universities. Interest can not take off with a two-digit Ykrqmy do? Unless a command economy in the world is meaningless? Unless it’s a TV show theme and announced reduced rate of $ 700 USD and USD manifold will increase after a few months?
He is asking what’s the problem, said the problem of lack of consultation, narcissism, lack of scientific instruments to govern and Bysbatyhast; changing how executives in 7-8 years? The most important economic and strategic ministries of oil, four times chief minister and was moved and replaced.

Hassan Rohani said the central bank is responsible for 3 times, 5 times, 6 times and tell the directors of the devices has changed. I was managing the instability of the political instability we saw the same thing.
He added the dear and loyal people that we believe in the Persian date Azar 91 8 8 November 91 to 37 in a month and a part of the economy have been issued in different directions? Thursday May 60 believe that the directive was issued regarding currency and monetary issues? This instability How will people confidence and peace of mind? People management skills, stability, strength and foresight to try next.
Eleventh candidate presidential elections continued along these Qanvngryzyha not even notice that in many cases the decisions of Parliament, the Speaker was forced to declare them as the basis of the law and obedience to the law, regulation, transparency This trust can be created in a community.
Rohani said: Bdakhlaqyha, add a side of the gap and set aside and discard all but one tribe experts and isolate them from other problems. In a country like Iran is in critical condition today have no problems at all and we can all use to go through? The Government shall perform all the righteous will. The government of experts and will be used wisely and always hope.
He stressed: Money and Credit Council to back his strength. Plan and Budget Organization and management of returns. Central bank independence appears. Economic Council meeting that appeared recently in the New Year 5 is formed, the previous power off.
Eleventh candidate presidential elections stated: I want to say great people! Scientific management should be governed. The rule, the rule is appropriate and should be used by the elite. People must speak with clarity. Problems should be shared with the public. Must be exact to get the bolt leader gave the historical, political and economic well-crossing saga, and we create.
In this context cleric said the economic problems we have today, and if there’s inflation, unemployment, corruption exists today and it’s impact on our community, as well as the ethics and culture in our relations with the world today, lots of problems along is all due to an efficient administration and management of work has been done in just the right measure.
He said that no country in the world without the active and constructive relationship with the developed world will not. Development is the impossibility of isolation. And the impossibility of the separation wall around the country. We must engage constructively with the problems of our country to save. You can easily deal with inflation, unemployment can be confronted with.
The Eleventh presidential candidate said: I am a simple thing to say, we have 3 million and 300 thousand unemployed and 10 million in tourism into the country; 13/6 billion in foreign exchange earnings and employment of 4 million is just the right move with a In a social and economic problem we can solve unemployment.
Spiritual reiterated our economic prosperity can be overcome unemployment. Unemployment today is not only an economic problem but also a social problem and family problem is a cultural problem and many other problems. Unemployment is a problem that can lead to divorce one of every five marriages. It is easily possible with prosperity.
He stressed that the plants between 20 percent to 40 percent of maximum operating capacity. We have all the production facilities to full activity, and it is possible to get one hundred percent. In addition to my regular program schedule for solving economic, social, domestic policy, foreign policy and culture monthly short program and there are hundreds of day. We created a short time in the country’s economic development and that economic development can bring a breath of factories and manufacturing centers with Aynjad who have problems to resolve their problems in that short time.
The Eleventh presidential candidate added, with an instrumental understanding between the Bank and the banks are able to all goods that are stored in our customs to quickly return to the market. All this is possible in a short time. Foreign relations with the world, we can turn to the right. Foreign relations not wish for anyone to be wished. Foreign Relations of the world. Viewing the facts and drawing applications. Step by step Jlvgzashtn benefit and to achieve that goal.
Rohani said: We are a strong nation. Iran is a regional superpower. Iran’s sensitive area. With millions of Muslims at heart and looking. Some insight and some careful planning and some even economic problems that we need to come into existence in the shadow of sanctions in the resolution of the final put Qdmbhqdm.
He continued: It is possible. We need to save the economy from the current situation. We need to restore morality in society. Culture is not something that can be announced to the public order. People need to engage in cultural issues. Although many problems in our country today is the ability of our people and the elites, and the competent manager of the problems with our country is able to A well-planned final settlement convey. To elite universities and centers of production and make decisions together and we need to resolve the economic problems we can talk privately.
In this context, the Eleventh presidential candidate stressed that it is possible to do everything with wisdom and insight will hopefully take us to the beach. Government policy is to help people with problems in the country and the will of the people and the people of the national capital to reach a settlement.

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