Hate Crimes: Homosexuals Violently Beat-up Christian Preachers at Seattle Gay Parade [Video]

Kit Daniels
July 5, 2013

Seattle Pridefest marchers viciously attacked a Christian street preacher, pummeling him in the back of the head and kicking him in the ribs as he knelt in pain on the ground.

As revealed in the disturbing video, two Christian street preachers stood near a gay pride march, one holding a large sign and the other one clutching a Bible. The sign did not make any targeted, inflammatory statements against any particular group.

Several of the marchers did not care.

A heavy-set and a woman broke off from the march to confront the preachers. The preacher in the “Trust Jesus” t-shirt tried to block the initial shoving with a Bible.

Both preachers attempted to retreat from conflict.

WARNING: Strong language and violence in video.

A short man knocked the other preacher down, taking his sign away as the heavy-set man sucker punched him in the head.

The short man showed no mercy as he kicked the now-down preacher in the ribs.

After the attack, two police officers walked towards the quickly fleeing attackers.

According to Life Site News, the officers did arrest 36-year-old Jason Queree as well as an additional suspect.