Hate Speech: Alleged Intel Report By Nigeria’s Security Chief Monguno Links “Shiite Ideology” To Terrorism


An alleged report by Nigeria’s Security adviser, Monguno, dated August 17th strikes an extremist note of hate speech and religious intolerance.

The report, pages of which can be seen below, apart from mixing up future and past, claiming the Islamic movement of Nigeria “plans to” yet “has already” done; made a very intolerant reference to Shia ideology.

The report said, the IMN had sent members to Lebanon to learn “Shiite ideology” from Hezbollah “terrorist organization.”

At least 15% of world Muslims and 20% of Saudi Arabia adhere to so called Shiite ideology. Linking this ideology with terror by Nigeria’s NSA is shocking and extreme hate speech at a top governmental level.

Nigeria’s security agencies have been implicated and condemned in the murder of a thousand Muslims in Kaduna in 2015 and their secret burial to cover the evidence.

No soldier of Kaduna government official has been prosecuted two years after the Zaria massacre.