Heartwrenching Story from a Zaria Massacre Survivor

We have got a safe place in the house of Malam Haruna Abbas, suddenly comes the Nigerian military and set the whole house to fire, I had late pregnancy by then and at the same time I’m with my two and a half (2`1/2) years old son.

Full of agony, we continue to throw our children downstairs despite that they are too young and we start to ensue them for the fear of not to be burned or suffocated from the already ablazed house.

Afterwards, I took my son and cross to a house nearby, unfortunately, the military come to the house and open fire mercilessly on us. My son, Alhassan; was resting on my shoulder, then I suddenly heard him yelled, when I set my eyes on him, I was shocked to saw him been shot twice, one on his thigh and the other on his stomach!

I hugged him and wept uncontrollably looking for someone to help me. But alas! They killed all the males they got in the house and left only women. In that condition of anguish, they started to beat us mercilessly, and they later brought us out of the house and tied us with our Hijabs (which they seized and teared from us).

I remained helpless starring at the blood of my beloved son, Alhassan; flowing on the ground. Despite that I was in difficult and torment condition, I don’t care much on my condition, my priority then was to save the life of the apple of my eyes.

Those people were infact out of mercy, they throw Alhassan to me, I hugged him and wept uncontrollably. They later lead us to “Banadeen street” beating us and molesting us. Alhassan’s blood was still flowing when we were taken to barrack. I was among those who will be taken to hospital for immediate treatment due to my worse condition and my son’s worst condition.

On our way, Alhassan asked wether if I can afford to give him some water, and I gave him; he further asked me to forgive him and he also forgave me in return. Not long afterward, my dear and beloved son, Alhassan; depart this life!!!

I hugged him tightly and wept as I never did before. On our arrival at the hospital, what the military did to me is obviously what I can never ever forget in my life; they forcefully seized the holy dead body of Alhassan from me and throw it on their vehicle which was full of our brothers’ dead bodies.

That was the time I saw him last…tears of pain rolled down my cheeks… But when I recalled that it was on the path of Allah, I feel at ease and joyful.

One month after the incidence, I gave birth to a baby boy which I replaced my beloved Alhassan.

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