Non HIV AIDS Now Confirmed in Asia: Is All AIDS Non HIV Caused?

August 24th, 2012; Updated 08/28

NewsRescue- In the battle against HIV and AIDS that has defied science for centuries, several scientists whose work has been dismissed by the corporate medical committees, have proposed that AIDS was never caused by the HIV virus blamed for its occurrence, and that HIV virus was simply a commensal of man which has been in existence for millenia. They further defined that the tests for HIV were as is known, tests for body proteins, which indicated genetic or other pathologies or successful immunity reactions and did not confirm presence of active or pathological viral infection.

Today in breaking news, and adding credit to their story, the NIH(National Health Institute) of America confirmed the existence in Asia of non HIV AIDS, which caused AIDS-like symptoms, but did not give the conventional positive HIV protein test.

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The cases of non HIV AIDS have occurred in Asia since 2004. The findings after investigations by US National Health scientists were published in the new England Journal of Medicine.

So getting back to the debacle.

Is it possible that indeed the entire association of the HIV virus with immune disorders classified as AIDS which has an unusual epic distribution in Africa for no obvious or other known reason, has always been false?

Scientifically it is impossible to prove causation. Correlation is never causation. What this means is that to postulate that for instance HIV causes AIDS, you utilize a ‘theory’, which comes about from a preponderance of ‘suggestive’ evidence. In this case, the finding of high levels of proteins against HIV in patients who report with AIDS symptoms.

Deniers have argued that it is behavioral traits, drug use, anal sex, promiscuity, malnutrition that lead to low immunity and AIDS, this position was popular until the early ’80′s when the stigma associated especially with homosexuals with a lot of activists’ clamor, prompted research to find some other tag for the occurrence of AIDS. The HTLVIII virus variant, HIV virus was then proposed by Robert Gallo and it was quickly attributed to AIDS on April 23rd, 1984.

From 1981, the year the virus was discovered and on, over 4000 cases of non HIV AIDS were diagnosed in America each year, however health bodies decided to redefine AIDS, imposing the demonstration of titers of protein antibodies attributed to HIV virus into the diagnosis. What this means is, that after this, if physicians discovered any case of non HIV AIDS, they were no longer allowed to classify it as AIDS, they had to abide by new regulations and simply say the patient had multiple or severe infections and low immunity of unknown causes.

Doctors Find AIDS-Like Disease Without H.I.V. Virus Is Growing

Published: July 22, 1992

European and American doctors added new reports today to earlier descriptions of patients with an AIDS-like disease but no detectable evidence of infection with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. Read more…

As can then be predicted, manufacture of drugs that boosted the immunity, while literally killing the patient with toxic effects, themselves causing AIDS, took front stage and millions of dollars were made by big pharma and western governments.

Several scientists, like famous microbiologist Peter Duesberg, have continually engaged in research and arguments, denying the role of HIV in popular diagnosed AIDS. They continue to present an alter-situation of lifestyle created and caused immune suppression AIDS totally unrelated to the HIV virus, which may occur more frequently in AIDS patients, but is not the cause according to them. Duesberg claims that the tests for antibodies actually prove that the subject has developed immunity to the infection and dealt with the infection, ie, put it under control. He states that all microbes cause infection before the development of antibodies, not the other way around.

HIV Distribution uniquely in Africa: Critics say the tests determine immune genetics not related to AIDS

It must be noted that the HIV virus defies all known viral behaviors for a virus of its nature. Retroviruses are not known to kill the host they occupy, as this retrovirus has been described to. Retroviruses are not known to ever kill T cells, the cells they infect. Also it is also common knowledge that the prognosis after infection has no predictability. Patients could be infected for a life time and never know they had HIV or never come down with symptoms, and others may test positive for the virus and die shortly after, the ‘slow viral’ nature. These inconsistencies in the prognosis after a positive test have also fostered skepticism about the role of the HIV virus in AIDS.

The LemonFoundation has done a lot to promote awareness about Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, and ‘Idiopathic CD Lymphocytopenia (ICL)’ as contagious, transmittable non-HIV AIDS phenomena.

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I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS/ME) and NON-HIV AIDS, idiopathic CD lymphocytopenia (ICL). With these two diagnoses, I believe that I am living proof that the AIDS-like CFIDS is transmissible, something that the medical establishment seems unable to admit or to acknowledge. I also believe it makes me living proof that CFIDS and NON-HIV AIDS are basically the same mysterious immune disorder. Read more:

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