Homosexuals Campaign That They’ll Take It In The Back or Hillary

A gay Hillary Clinton supporter started an “I’d Bottom for Hillary” campaign to encourage Americans to submit to the presidential candidate.

The supporter, a 23-year-old from San Francisco named Ryan, said his t-shirt campaign is meant the symbolize the trust and full-blown loyalty he and his fellow supporters share for Hillary.

“This shirt is for all you out there that would drop pants, bend over and bottom for Hillary Rodham Clinton,” Ryan’s web site bottomforhillary.com proudly proclaims.


Ryan has already sold quite a few shirts.

“Bottoming demands trust, admiration, confidence, loyalty, respect, enthusiasm and hope,” he told theHuffington Post while agreeing the campaign was crude and inappropriate. “Those feelings we have toward Hillary, and anyone that feels similar can be a part of our effort.”

The campaign, however, is receiving quite a bit of backlash from others in the gay community.

“I sincerely hope this crap is nipped in the bud,” Mike G. wrote in the comment section of the Huffington Post interview. “We do not need this type of exposure, as it does not help our LGBT community at all.”

Another critic, Freddie M., said the campaign came at the expense of gay men.

“This isn’t a campaign, this is some guy who won’t reveal his identity, selling t-shirts for profit,” he stated.

And yet another critic, Steve S., said the campaign would do “more harm than good.”

“I think he forgets that the rest of America is not like San Francisco,” he wrote.

No kidding.

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