ICC Reviewing #ZariaMassacre However Biafra Massacres, Fulani Herders, Boko Haram Reports Ruled “Out Of Jurisdiction”


The International Criminal Court, ICC in its 2016 report released November 14th, submitted that it did not find the cases of Nigeria;s violations against pro-Biafra protesters; violations on the Boko Haram theatre, or National Assembly matters, Fulani herdsmen raids and Niger Delta crises as admissible and has suspended these until and unless new information is provided, however the body is still reviewing the events of the Zaria massacre by the BUhari government against the Islamic movement. Quoting:

298. During the reporting period, the Office has also examined allegations of crimes committed in the situation in Nigeria unrelated to the armed conflict between Boko Haram and the Nigerian security forces. This includes allegations of crimes committed by the Nigerian security forces against pro-Biafra protesters in December 2015 and against civilians in the course of military offensives conducted against the Niger Delta Avengers since mid-2016. In addition, the Office assessed communications related to alleged crimes committed by militants linked to the Fulani herdsmen since 2014. The Office has furthermore examined communications relating to the Presidential and National Assembly elections in March 2015 and the State elections in April 2015.

297. Following a thorough factual and legal analysis of the available information, the Office did not find a reasonable basis to believe that the crimes alleged in the previous paragraph would fall within the jurisdiction of the Court. This finding is without prejudice to any further findings on subject-matter jurisdiction to be made pursuant to additional information that the Office may receive at a later stage of analysis. The Office’s analysis on the events occurred in Zaria, Kaduna State in December 2015 is still on-going.