Ideology of Mass Destructions, by Aliyu Smith Almusawi

by Aliyu Smith Almusawi

Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the most lethal weapons in the arsenals of Superpowers were nuclear weapons. But the weapons are virtually impotent because they notice that using them against one another is tantamount to mutually assured destructions.

To plunder your resources, to destabilise your country and alter your livehood for eternity, it’s needless to develop weapons from the laboratories, but using Wahhabism as weapons are becoming better options by the enemies of humanity.

Whenever we hear terrorist onslaughts, our attention often tends to glue to those who have only died seeming to furtively ignore the wanton destruction of properties and those whose lives are forever altered by the ideology of mass destructions_ Wahhabism.

Libya_ once an economically buoyant, geographically spacious, internationally impactful is now turned to ruins and lawless by Wahhabi-inspired fighters who fought Ghaddafi with helps from Nato, Arab League and their clerics. This might be the reason why Al-Qaradawi said fighting Ghaddafi was a divine ”injunction”

Syria_ an ancient-civilised nation, a heart of Arabs, where high profiles people migrated to gain asylums as a result of its idyllic and peaceful environment, is now an epicentre of demonic scumbags who invaded the country to destroy their infrastructures and make the country willy-nilly subservient to Zionist policy.

Nigeria_ the most populous nation and largest economy in Africa, with potentials to lead Africa, is now weakened by Boko Haram thereby making its citizenry flee to the poorest country on earth_ Niger, to survive. What a tragedy!

Iraq is on fire, Lebanon is confused and polarised, Somalia is forgotten, Yemen is in stalemate, Pakistan is lawless, Afghanistan is unsure of its future, Egypt is tense and Mali is immerserated and improvised.

The victims of this weapon, are left with no options but chatter unlicensed ships to take them to Europe in search of livehood because their cities and sources of livehood are destroyed.

May be the next time anyone tells me Wahhabism is synonymous with peace, I would have to keep my mouth shut because no amount of reasoning could convince a person who insists that the sun rises from the West.

Published on the Musa Azare fB channel