IDPs Dying Of Hunger: My Trip To Bama, The Sorry Predicament, By Abba Bukar

On my Bama trip, the IDPs sorry predicament..

by Abba Bukar

Bama town is presently housing an estimated population of about 25,000 IDPs most of whom are women and children in an camp located in the vicinity of general hospital Bama. I met one Ya Karu, a 23yrs old woman, who was recently rescued by the military from a nearby village on their ongoing operation. Hear her ordeals in the camp.

Me: My sister how are you?

Ya Karu: not fine, responded with emotion.

Me: What happen?

Ya Karu: because I’m hungry, I did not eat food for the past 3 days.

Me: Why?

Ya Karu: No food.

Me: Where is your husband?

Ya Karu: he was killed by Boko Haram

Me: sorry about the lost, do you have a children?

Ya Karu: I have a son and a girl but they are both no more, the girl died while we were under captivity and the boy died exactly 2 weeks today because of lack of feeding, even elderly people are dying here almost everyday because of the acute hunger, lack of water supply and medical attention, and all the children here are malnourished as you can see them.

Me: I thought government is providing you food and every other care?

Ya Karu: The last time we ate here was 3 days ago, as you can see those lying down, some are because of thirst and some hungry, many are also sick but no drugs to administer them. Our condition is very difficult here, sometimes I used to think that is more better I die.

Me: I felt emotional and broke down in tears..

Under this very pathetic condition, the IDPs in Bama who went through traumatising hard ordeals in the hands of the dreaded Boko Haram are unfortunately left at the mercy of our gallant military men.

It is understatement to say that they are in dire need of food,U portable drinking water and medical care. It has become significant to call on the national and international humanitarian organizations/donor agencies to come to the rescue of these suffering souls by complementing government efforts.

They totally lack whole necessities of life. Hence they need all kind of assistance. The damages to lives and properties is actually in wide spread, unquantifiable, beyond measure and the scope of the affected area.