You are incompetent to govern Nigeria-Northern Elders tells Jonathan

Northern Elders Forum


By Ibrahim Mohammad, Kaduna

Northern Elders Forum (NEF) yesterday today hit back hard on President Goodluck Jonathan for describing some elder statesmen in the country as touts, saying he is incompetent to govern Nigeria.

The elders disclosed this through their spokesperson, Professor Ango Abdullahi  at a press conference in Zaria Kaduna State.

Professor Ango Abdullahi reminded president Jonathan that  even some sitting leaders are worse than pick-pockets in a motor park.

He said the President  shouldn’t have made such abusive statement on nation’s statesmen who fought for the unity of the country.

Professor Abdullahi who is also tongue-lashed the Tanko Yakasai led Northern Elders Council (NEC), saying the group lacks principle and they are not speaking for the generality of Nigerians.

“President Jonathan should know that, in a motor park, there are touts and there are pick-pockets, so if some past leaders are touts, some sitting leaders  are pick-pockets and thieves. So, you have to make your pick from that.

“This country is complaining about corruption and the President himself has said that, stealing is a small corruption.

” And so, for him to even come around and refer to some people as touts, he should remember that, some ‎of them sitting there are pick-pockets and some of them are even worse than pick-pockets.

“Pick-pockets in a motor park cheat the passengers as well as the owner of the vehicles.

” while the touts do some works for a commission. So, you see, these are some of the things that are clearly pointing to the fact that, the incompetence that we have been complaining about is the additional basis of rejecting the man’s leadership in 2015, it is now clearly showing across the country.

“It used to be Northern Elders Forum who are seen as partisan, sectional, divisive and so on.

” Whenever we say something, it was misconstrued as outright opposition against the government or against the President because we are not and we are not President at the moment, but thank God, the truth will always be one.

“People across the country today seem to have agreed that, this is an incompetent government that is about to wreck or completely ruin this country, and sooner Nigerians come to grips with this, the better.

“Jonathan may disagree with Obasanjo, he is one of our leaders that come out to say things the way they are.

“You can criticise him on what he has done or what he has not been able to do, but he should also be seen as he has always been since 1979 since I knew him.

” This is a man that has been saying things as he has seen them. It is only very recently, some well-meaning Nigerians like him have come to agree that, the country is been put in the wrong direction under the leadership of the current administration.

“Obviously, one would have expect, like we saw in the recent visit of the so called Northern Elders Council, led by I understand Alhaji Tanko Yakasai.

“we have said this before, what is Northern Elders Council? Who are they? Who do they speak for? But, we speak for Nigerians‎, but more so for Northern Nigerians.

” We did not hide the fact that, we protect the interest of Northern Nigerians at any stage, without sacrificing the rights of other Nigerians elsewhere under any guise,” he Said

He called on Nigerians irrespective of tribe, Religion and region to massively vote out the so called ruling party for the development of the country.