Indecent Dressing And Prostitution: How Can We Spot The Difference?

By Terfa Naswem

I wonder how some girls would want guys to stop disturbing them when they wear sexy tops that expose their chest, breast and waist, and very short sexy skirts and gowns that expose their laps to guys to watch which some of my friends and acquaintances call it FREE TO AIR. That is an indirect way or a non-verbal communication of telling guys that they are always available whether girls are conscious of this or not. And I am always surprised when the same girls complain that guys are disturbing them. The worse thing is that most of the guys that go close to these girls don’t have the intention of establishing a serious relationship with them or even getting married to them. They only go there for SEX because indecent dressing is associated with PROSTITUTION. There is no way a girl who dresses indecently can convince anybody that she is not a PROSTITUTE because indecent dressing is a major identity and characteristic of PROSTITUTION. If you are not a PROSTITUTE then stop dressing indecently.

How can someone spot the difference between a lady who is not a prostitute but dresses indecently and a lady who is a prostitute and dresses indecently by just looking at them?

The relationship between dressing and behaviour really matters. Although not all indecently dressed ladies are bad, majority who do so are what their dressings reflect.

A lot of men have been shaken countless times by girls who dress indecently. Even powerful men of God run away from indecent dressings when they cross their eyes too many because the temptation is too powerful that faint-hearted men of God cannot overcome the waves of indecent dressing.

There are guys that go around with such girls as their girlfriends in indecent cloths and when these guys are ready to settle down or marry; they’ll dump these girls and look for well behaved and decently dressed girls. Even bad guys don’t like getting married to such girls. They prefer decent girls that will give them less trouble. When you dress decently, guys will even respect you and will approach you with courtesy. It doesn’t mean that all decently dressed girls are well behaved girls, but dressing decently can change a lot of things for good. Even if you are a PROSTITUTE, dressing decently can cause a great transformation in your life.

If you have a boyfriend that encourages you to wear indecent cloths or buys those for you; then you have to be extremely careful because most guys who do that don’t end up getting married to such girls; they only end up destroying them. Decent dressing attracts decent guys to you while indecent dressing attracts indecent guys to you. Which one do you prefer?