Insensitive Fuel Price Hike By The Nigerian Government; A Call to Action – DCNY

Press Statement By The Diaspora Council of Nigerian Youths (DCNY)
Headquarters, New York, USA. 22/5/16.

Having watched keenly albeit bemusingly, recent happenings in our dear country, Nigeria, vis-a-vis the recurring decimal of blame game and deceptiveness of the government of the day, the Diaspora Council of Nigerian Youths, (DCNY) have come to the saddening realisation of the sacrosanct fact that silence is no longer golden.

It is crystal clear that Nigerians have high expectations of the promised “change” by the incumbent leadership of our dear country, but unfortunately, the recent insensitive increment in the price of PMS under the guise of subsidy removal is definitely not the kind of change being expected from a government that rode to power on the wings of several promises of a better tomorrow for Nigerians.

It is noteworthy to state empirically and emphatically here that the subsidy regime over the years has been a monumental rape of our sensibilities and a fraudulent misappropriation of our collective patrimony. Many of us have advocated incessantly for the total stoppage of this wanton carnage on our treasury but have been demonized many at times. Alas, the stark reality has suddenly dawned on all of us; subsidy is a fraud which must be eradicated if Nigeria must move forward.
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Unfortunately, the Nigerian Government, at this very hard times have been ill advised to advance another fraud of more breathtaking consequences on the populace disguised as subsidy removal. With all available data, petrol in Nigeria should not be sold above one hundred Naira after the subsidy regime has been proscribed. It is hence very ridiculous to us in DCNY, how the government arrived at the one hundred and forty five Naira figure.

A sensitive government must be able to come straight with a sincere and truthful narrative to its citizenry on its policy direction and not to always mock our intelligence with multifarious and inconsistent kindergarten fables.

The DCNY, a progressive umbrella representative organization of Nigerian Youths in Diaspora having consulted widely with all our chapters and stakeholders, culminating into an emergency meeting at the Loews Chicago Hotel, Chicago Illinois, USA held on Saturday 21st May 2016 hereby resolves as follows:

1. That we support the total removal of the satanic fraud called subsidy.

2. That 145 Naira per liter of PMS is a greater fraud that must be vehemently resisted by all.

3. That the Nigerian Government should as a matter of urgency put a stop to this daylight robbery.

4. That the pump price of PMS after the subsidy removal, with whatever index should not be more than 100 Naira per litter.

5. That to push our demands home, all functional chapters of DCNY should immediately commence mass mobilization of Nigerian Youths within their regions for mass protests to Nigerian embassies in their various domains.

6. That the Diaspora headquarters of DCNY in New York, USA should notify all appropriate quarters about the protests.

7. That all chapters should coordinate themselves in a very peaceful and responsible manner throughout the duration of the protests.

We call on all well meaning Nigerians in Diaspora to join us in this noble cause to salvage our people back home from excruciating hardship, while we appeal to Nigerians and youth based organisations back in Nigeria not to allow themselves to be cowed, hoodwinked or mischievously misguided into unholy submission to the whims and caprices of the progenitors of this draconian increment.

We hereby advise all Nigerian youths in Diaspora to link up with the following DCNY coordinators within your zones for more information as most of our strategies are still confidential as at the time of this release.

1. Amb. Oketooto Adebayo – coordinator, DCNY Canada.
Phone: +16477814390

2. Prince David Mattson Nwaogugu – coordinator, DCNY Asia.
Phone: +601133494512

3. Kelvin Babaeko – Coordinator, DCNY United Kingdom & Europe (West).
Phone: +447442671376

4. Salim Hamza Ringim – Coordinator, DCNY Turkish Zone & Europe (East).
Phone: +905338669905.

5. Larry Bright – Coordinator, DCNY USA.
Phone: +17732425694.

We cannot continue to maintain a docile attitude towards the hardship being faced by our folks back home, occasioned by the harsh “maradonic” policies of our government.

We hereby by this directive activate all our chapters for action.

Anything above 100 Naira per liter of PMS is absolutely fraudulent and

Arise, Mobilize, Take Action!
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win! !
Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta! ! !


‘ Yinka Gbadebo.
Convener / President-General, DCNY.

Mahmud T Bello.
Secretary General, DCNY.