BREAKING: IPOB Leader Nnandi Kanu Reveals Secession Strategy During Shabath Sermon [Video]


During a Shabath ceremony Friday night; the first to be held in the household, Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu (50), aka Nnamdi Kanu, the charismatic leader dropped a hint of his ‘flawless’ strategy for secession.

Nnandi Kanu told the crowd that they will ensure no elections are held in the Igbo 5 states in 2019. He followed the sentence up by highlighting how large IPOB is, which a NewsRescue analysis determined was an associated statement.

Nnamdi Kanu was dropping a hint that with their large numbers the easy way they will disrupt Nigeria and hold the nation by its jugular is by unleashing the power of IPOB’s adherents on poll day to invalidate any next national poll.

The “Biafra” leader who was just released from almost two years in detention has elevated himself to prophetic status; notably referring to himself in the third person and allowing his fans kneel, bow and prostrate for him.

“I keep the 10 commandments given before the congregation of the house of Israel and Mt. Sinai, thousands of years ago that the mercy and kindness of the most High may come down here,” Kanu said.

“I promised Chukuokikabiama that He will give us Biafra and when Biafra comes..which would be very imminent…in the next few months not years….we shall offer this very land of Biafra as sacrifice to Elohim.”

“They must give us referendum or there will be no election in Biafra land forever and ever.”