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sudan_israel1SudanVision- The tragedy of Arab suffering that goes on in Southern Sudan has yet another act to be added. It seems as though this bleeding Arab country stands no chance of relieving those sufferings due to the separatist trends which had waged disturbances in that region for decades.

In addition to that disturbances started to spread westwards over Darfur. And while disputes are arising now about the possibility of arriving at a settlement to the aggravating Darfur crisis and the roles that should be played by the parties concerned, it looks quite necessary to question ourselves about the responsibility of these parties, which compete on managing the crisis and trying to settle it, and on inflaming and aggravating it to such an extent. Israel was responsible to a great extent for most of the catastrophes that befell the nation and the region. It became necessary then to follow up Israeli efforts exerted in Sudanese regions to incite disturbances, and to assess the extent of the Israeli role, which succeeded in exploiting the fragile situations in southern Sudan in general and in Darfur in particular.

It succeeded in inciting disturbances and internal conflicts within the region. Israel started to infiltrate in the Sudanese “Nile Valley” within its strategy aiming at infiltrating in Africa and at finding a foothold for the Hebrew state within the vital strategic sites in the African Continent. This continent was considered by Theodore Hertzel as a geographic and geo-strategic extension for Israel. He was hoping that the eastern parts of this black continent would be the target for a second wave of a Jewish colonist settlement.

On the other hand Ben Gurion used to consider it a corner stone in Israel plans aiming at encircling the hostile Arab region by a wide zone of friendship and alliance relations that connects Israel with some of the countries bordering the Arab neighbours of Israel.

This geo-strategy becomes more significant in being one of sides of the alliance triangle that includes Israel and Ethiopia to form a front that is parallel to the northern front formed by Israel and each of the secular Turkey and the “Shahenshahi” Iran. In addition to that there is the vicinity of Sudan to Bab Al Mendeb Strait, which poses a great strategic significance and is the marine-gate for the Israel seaports.

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There is also the fact that Sudan is quite a safe ground for the Israeli aspirations of controlling Egypt’s water resources. This will definitely reinforce Israel’s chances for enlivening negotiations for obtaining a share of Nile Waters. In addition to all that, there is nothing that will obstruct Israel benefiting from Sudanese natural resources to which petroleum had lately become an important additive. On the other hand, the Sudanese, during the period of British occupation, were looking forward for support by western Jews against colonization. They did not have, at that time, any other alternative but to seek help from that colonial “puppet”. During the fifties of the last century and during the period of tensions between the Naser regime and the Khartoum Government at that time, Israel was able to sneak to Sudan furtively.


It signed commercial agreements with its governments to an extent that enabled scores of Israeli military and agricultural experts and advisers to flow into the Nile Valley. However, this Israeli- Sudanese cooperation had stopped in 1969 on the wake of Jaafer Nimeiry getting access to power regaining good relations between Egypt and Sudan. This forced Israel to resort to another way to manage its strategy of infiltrating into Sudan, coming through the “back door” by exploiting the ethnic minorities in southern Sudan. Israeli intelligence started to provide support to the rebel movement in Southern Sudan, the movement known at that time as Anya-nya. That support came as an attempt to spread instability in the country and to impose pressure on the Khartoum Government.

The special situations in Southern Sudan at that time as represented by difficult living conditions and tribal conflicts over living and wealth resources together with the lack of security, which gave rise to all sorts of weapons being easily available, all these gave chance to Israel to interfere in southern Sudan. But that did not last long. As soon as President Al Sadat signed the peace agreement with Menachem Begin’s Likud government, Sudanese Israeli relations started to warm up. This was quite obvious when the Khartoum government did not hesitate in approving the transportation of Ethiopian Jews (Falasha) to Israel through Sudanese Red Sea ports in return for several million dollars, which western Zionist organizations poured on the Sudanese government.

But again and in quite a dramatic development situations changed in Khartoum and Islamic governments gained access to power in Khartoum and were quite hostile towards Israel. This disturbed those responsible in Tel Aviv and they suffered the nightmare of a Sudanese Iranian Alliance under two Islamic regimes. This was quite a threat against all Israeli plans and arrangements aiming at safeguarding the “Hebrew State” regional security northwards as well as southwards. It also threatened to abort all attempts and projects aiming at enhancing Israeli presence in the Nile Basin and Black Africa in general. It was therefore quite normal and logical for Israel to fall back to the peripheral areas or else head for the back door, where there are those rebel movements which are involved in separatist conflicts in the Black Zionist trends in Southern Sudan.

It is worth noting that this Israeli policy does not rely on security considerations or pure interests of both parties, but relies also on solid cultural and historical bases represented by the “Black Zionist” philosophy propagated by Africanized Zionists in Europe and America. This philosophy is based on a joint heritage of suffering, oppression and racial discrimination, which Jews were exposed to together with Negroes in earlier historical epochs. Jews had suffered oppression, holocaust and aggression from Arabs according to their claims. African Negroes on the other hand had suffered slavery and oppression. So according to Jews sensing the suffering of Negroes in the past and their present tragic situations in Southern Sudan and other regions, they became quite keen on assisting them to get rid of their sufferings and to gain freedom and independence from the Muslim Arab majority which represents a common enemy for all the ethnic minorities in southern Sudan as well as for Jews.

So now those intense Zionist allegations spread all over Black Africa to an extent, which made a state like Liberia recognize the Israeli state as soon as it was declared in 1948. It was the third state in the whole world to declare this recognition openly. It was preceded only by the Soviet Union and the United States. The Sudan rebels had now gathered around the fake Jewish Messiah calling for Salvation. The rebellion led by John Garang had hardly subsided, when Israel had hastened to inflame another in Darfur. It exploited the deteriorating living and security conditions in a region inhabited by six million Muslims who speak Arabic language. The Israeli satanic plans relied on the African ethnic origins of the region’s inhabitants and aggravated their feeling of being marginalized and oppressed by the Khartoum Government.

On another front and as usual, the United States of America prepared conditions, which serve Israeli strategies at an international level. American accusations were directed towards Khartoum government as committing genocide and discrimination crimes against Darfur citizens. On its part, the United States considered what happened in Darfur as the worst catastrophe known in the history of humanity. Thousands were killed and over two million persons were displaced. Not only that, but the biased Israeli propaganda against Khartoum never stopped to echo in every place and occasion. The Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations condemns the Khartoum government in front of the General assembly for the alleged heinous actions it committed against Darfur people. This was during the General Assembly session to discuss the “Barrier” erected by Israel in Palestinian territory and which he was trying to justify. In the same sequence, western Zionist organizations started to publish data in which they assert the significance of Darfur, not only in respect of Jewish interests, but also for the world at large.

On a more practical side and in the region itself, the Israeli support for rebel movements there is continuing since last year. This was arrived at by senior Sudanese military officials through assessing the growing standards of military performance of the rebels in confronting the government and Janjaweed forces. Israel has benefited from the foothold in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Uganda. It used those bases for offering financial and military support for Darfur rebels especially along the Eritrean affront where the Asmara regime had lately gathered large numbers of Eritrean forces near the Sudanese –Eritrean borders.

On their part, Sudanese authorities used to announce their being aware of the presence of Israeli traces behind civil conflicts in the country. President Omer Al Bashir had stated in 1994 that rebel movements in Southern Sudan receive support from Tel Aviv. It was in the form of technical assistance by Israeli military experts who repair and maintain military equipment for the militias of these movements. He stated that the movements leaderships visit the Hebrew state quite regularly as announced by Jewish mass media. In a speech made a few days ago, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismael asserted the presence of an active role by Israel in what goes on in Darfur. He asserted also the presence of strong relations between leaderships of Justice and Equality Movement with Tel Aviv.

This led to the split of (200) movement elements and their defection due to their rejection of such relationship. The significance of the Israeli role in the Darfur crisis does not lie only in the large resources allocated to it or the dangerous plans that can do away with stability in the region, but in the fact that it is being supported and blessed by the United States of America and the international organization. All this takes place within a disgraceful state of Arab failure and impotence resulting from the lack of confidence in Arabs by the rebel leaders in Darfur against anything Arab. This was made quite clear by the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Dr. Khalid Ibrahim rejection of any Egyptian or Yemeni forces participating in Darfur. This was due to the worry shown by the movement about the security and strategic understanding between Khartoum and each of Cairo and Sana’a, in addition to his doubts about the Arab League which he warned of its siding the Khartoum Government against the African ethnicities in Darfur. This was especially after news was circulated about relations between the rebel movement and Tel Aviv and the presence of Israeli incitement of Darfur rebels. Rebel movement leaderships had always denied that news every now and then.

However, we can conclude that what Israel exerts of efforts and plans to inflame the situation in Darfur and consequently blow up Sudan’s stability comes naturally within the Israeli-American arrangements for besieging Arab countries through a strategy of creating internal crises and problems in their regions and inflaming these crises to an extent that the people and governments of those countries will fail to confront them. This will force those countries to yield against American and international intervention which, in turn, will enable Washington to impose its conditions and visions on Arabs due to their failure to confront the accusations of violating rights of ethnic minorities living among them.

That will eventually lead towards enhancing Israel’s chances in penetrating and infiltrating into the direct Arab Security circles in addition to enriching American and Israeli gains at the expense of Arab interests which had become rightful gains for enemies due to Arabs’ negligence. Wednesday, September 22 @ 06:02:25 BST SudanVisionDaily