#IStandWithNigeria’s Donations Of Vehicles To Our Neighbours


Headlines in some dailies lately have controverted the donations by the Buhari government and the Jonathan government before it, of vehicles and and financial aid to African countries.

President Buhari just donated 15 vehicles and 100 motorcycles to neighboring Benin for its elections, and this attracted similar controversy.

I believe we all as Nigerians should be in total support of our government making such considerate donations to African countries and Caribbean nations. Despite the cash crunch, Nigeria has a regional and global responsibility to less fortunate African nations. Charity is not only for the wealthy, but the poor must also engage in charity; and so, despite our officials having looted us silly, we still have the responsibility to lift up our brothers.

And then, how much are these questioned donations? 15 Hilux vehicles and 100 motorcycles. Less than a million dollars! I laugh anytime the US or UK threatens that they will withhold their HIV and healthcare donations to Nigeria to blackmail us to accept certain privileges for certain groups or other political maneuverings. Their entire donations are some paltry couple of million dollars. One looter’s country-house. One thousandth of what Nigeria is meant to collect in gas-penalities  annually from companies who flare gas, not even talking of the billions of dollars lost profit for the gas itself! It’s really misplaced priorities. What is a million dollars or half of it that Nigeria is donating to Benin?

When we look at the moneys our governors and ministers loot and continue to loot with our media looking the other way, patronising them like gods, then you realise why rather such dignifying and meaningful processes as donations of such tiny amounts should be celebrated and not quizzed.

The former Lagos State governor used $900,000 to build two boreholes that should not cost more than $1000 max. And that is just one example of so many projects his government conducted at 10,000% padding.  We do not require it of him to immediately refund the millions embezzled in this time of cash-crunch, but rather elevated him to do the same in the ministry of works and housing. But we are here to discredit ourselves after openly fulfilling our national responsibilities to other African nations.

I do not believe in walls. Nigeria has been endowed with its wealth not just for the people within the geographical confine but for all humanity and most especially the Blacks of the world. We allow our officials to pad budgets and loot money that is not just for us but for the aid of all Blacks including those in America and the Islands. We owe them. The money is a Trust. This is not a charity, this is a debt.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian