It Would Have Been Nice If Buhari Attended Lt. Col Abu-Ali’s Funeral Or At Least Said Something Official

Lt. Colonel Abu-Ali just died at the battlefront
  • Update, Nov. 11, 2016: Buhari today released an official press statement on the great commander’s death


It took the president less time to speak over a purported attack on faraway Saudi Arabia than over the death of one of the finest soldiers of our generation. And even when he did so (via a short Facebook post not the usual official press release), it was about the Chief of Staff (mere CoS) representing him at the funeral when it was only yesterday he was seen celebrating the aristocracy in Sokoto.

For a president who has built a reputation junketing the world at the slightest excuse, nothing short of his physical presence at Lt. Muhammed Abu Ali’s funeral will convey the full depth of his condolences. Abu Ali was martyred on Friday night. The news of his demise is enough to make the president cancel his pending engagements in Sokoto the following morning, or cut it short if the news had reached him while already there.

Don’t teach me how to wail!

-Engr. Ramat