Joining Saudi Coalition Is To Show That We Are A Muslim Country – Nigeria Foreign Minister

Buhari bows for King Salman


Geoffrey Onyema
Geoffrey Onyema

While trying to explain that Nigeria’s joining the Saudi geopolitical agenda “anti-terror” coalition, was not religious, Nigeria’s foreign minister Geoffrey Onyema according to the Vanguard stated that by joining, it showed that “Nigeria is a Muslim country, we are Muslims and these people do not speak for Islam, have nothing to do with Islam.”

Quoting from his statement:

“It has nothing to do with religion as far as Nigeria is concerned. We have to look at what the objective is. We face terror challenges and its a global phenomenon.

“I think it’s something we should all get together and we should all support whoever is working towards it. And that’s what this coalition is for, to show too that we are a Muslim country, we are Muslims and these people do not speak for Islam, have nothing to do with islam.

“Most of the victims of these people are Muslims if you look at it. So, that’s what it is. “It has nothing to do with Nigeria, Christianity, Islam. I think the media should really get the main message across”, he said.

We believe there is an error here and that this is not what the Minister was presenting as Nigeria is not a Muslim country but one of mixed religions.

The minister made the remarks after holding a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari.

His full statement can be read here.

Nigeria’s government has been slammed for signing up with the Saudi-led coalition and asked to withdraw.

Saudi Arabia is globally recognized as a sponsor of radicalism and terrorists including the very ISIS. See: CNN: German Leadership Says Saudi Arabia Is Sponsoring Radical Extremism Around The World


The Saud royal family-led nation is remembered for never assisting Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram or even condemning the group that killed over 100,000 Nigerians, mostly Muslims.

Boko Haram terrorist leaders also always held their meetings in Saudi Arabia to the astonishment of Nigerians.

Nigeria’s current economic woes are also blamed on the Saudi regime being a consequence of its oil war against Russia and Iran which has made it crash the price of oil.

The coalition has been criticized as only a new agenda by the Saudis to use soldiers including all member nation’s armies to try and capture territory in Syria after loosing a terrorist sponsored campaign against Assad.