Jonathan Go! Please Go!


by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

Presently,people seems to expressed their indifference to the already proposed handover date of may 28th, as suggested by the present outgoing visionless government of President Goodluck Jonathan to the new government of change under the able dream FULL and vision FULL leadership of president – elect Muhammad Buhari.

Going by the distrust fully circled around people round faces,as it is known and said that ‘what is in the mind can not be hidden by the face’ in simple term, people dont trust Goodluck Jonathan anymore, we believed that this Jonathan believed that he has some remaining surprises to unfold and from all indication he and his team would use the handover date to some how,in some ways surprise us by creating chaotic suprises during the handover dinner or during the swearing inn.

While their proposal lasted,we on our part,have resolved that,since Jonathan can handover on may 28th,the date for the last act of illegality, why not let him handover tomorrow. People are asking,like,was it the reason the Americans were calling on Buhari to ensure peaceful transition on may 29th between him and Jonathan? Is there any corraborative reason why they were proposing may 28th instead of the constitutionally recognized may 29th, ‘akwai sauran rina a kaba’  says hausa people,and this event fits into this scenario.

It seems they are planning the last act to bungle our freedom,eliminate the new justice we smell,they want to eradicate our civilized and constitutionally guaranteed rights (our might).
While we continued to impatiently watch and wait for may 29th, our democracy day,the day of our dream, people are equally insinuating that the detractors will masturbate chaos in order to scuffle our collective dreams,but we say NO,over our dead bodies. We will not sleep, neither will we eat if our freedom already expressed through a democratic process are truncated,we shall rise if attempts are made toward that direction. We shall trek in numbers and ready for any consequences if in any way they tried our patience. We shall protect ours democracy with the drop of our blood,We are never fools.

Already the governing party have indicated that the suggested date of may 28th is a trap, known law luminary Falana have indicated that it is wrong,that a vacuum will be created. Many questions are on the lips of people asking why the federal government want to shy away from its major role and responsibility of organizing and subsequently handover properly to the inn coming government of Muhammad Buhari.What are the sinister intention behind the proposed may 28th handover? Who and who want to benefit from that illegality? Why the power vacuum? why Nigeria without a leader for nine hour? No it can not stand,this idea will soon fizzle out like the rest,it cannot be sustain. From all indication they are joking,they thought is still the time for impunity and the confessed shoeless president is collaborating,because they abrogate to him statemanship and with that they told him that he is above the law.This is why Jonathan must go. We are more eager to take over than you want to hand over.

Many of our genuine african leaders have been poisoned with untraceble substance at the batch of transitions,people are usually left dumbfounded as to what happened to them.It will only be in the bulletins and people left suprised as to what really happened. We don’t want that to happen here,our history book is already full with dirty intentions and actions of some of our past leaders. Our president elect should be protected,he should not be allowed for careless hugs or unnecessary handshakes.

President elect have challanged us to consolidate his winning,we have already done that with twenty or more APC states,majority in both houses of assembly and surprisingly at both state and national level. We are now waiting for the revolution in creating employment,infrastructures,eliminate corruption,provide accessible health care,equal right and justice, social securities,equality of our citizenship and unity of purpose as Nigerians of one nation one destiny.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
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