Jonathan Goes To Beg IBB, Abdulsalami To Beg Buhari To Leave His Wife’s Loot Alone

Other responses as to why Jonathan visited IBB and Abdulsalam:

The visit to Minna (Niger) yesterday (Tuesday, September 13) by former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to meet with ex-Heads of Stat, Generals Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar, has been greeted with curiosity. What exactly does the former president who led Nigeria into ruin and recession want?


Many are excited about the visit:

Bisi Jayeola: Looking for soft landing after looting Nigeria dry

Ibrahim Seidu: This is what i always talk about, they are always best of friend , we are just here disturbing our self

Sanusi Ali: Jonathan wants to rescue his illiterate wife from prosecutions

Sanni Anu Lolade Oladapo:
Stop criticising him, he is displaying his passion for IBB, Jonathan is so much obsessed about IBB, even when he was still in Charge of this Nation, he always call him Father. So what is wrong if a Son visits his Father?

Tom Snow: Bro jona stop going close to dis people they will assasinate u their heart is full of black towards u,mark my word.

Sa’eed Sulayman Daboelang: Hahahahahaha,smart move,going to solicites for support to cover the nefarious activities of ur wife for laundering of 31.4million dollars???No!It cant work,she must face the rotten part of the law that broke!!!Meanwhile,ABUBAKAR,IBB AND GEJ RE ALL BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER THAT LOOTED US TOGETHER!!!

Odebunmi OluKunle Solomon: He is feeling the heat

Pere Okorowanta: See people that Nigerian youths are fighting and abusing each other for! They disagree in public then wine and dine together in secret. God bless this great country!!

folarinadio: Looking for cover for Dame Patience…the game is over! Barawo

dakkilola: It can’t werk. He won use connection reach out to buhari lmao

mannee101:If you think all this old goons will sort the problems in this country, that means you never understand the problems

monsieur_damz: Baba went to eat sallah meat..simple, why all the para now?

iambook.t: All these nonsense visits… I wonder what they’re discussing about here and there. Useless old men that have vowed to never repent from their evil ways!

holarjobs: He has gone to beg on behalf of his wife. 31 whopping million dollars. 10 billion naira hotel…counting

Stop call GEJ thief, cos u were feedn well, wen he was dee, everything was moving very well, wen he was in d sis. If u were 2 be in dat sit, u ii eat more dan dem. Stop judging pls. We tnk God 4. Everything

adeswiss: I think he has gone to beg and dobale for ibb to help him speak to dia fellow aboki Nigeria president to leave mama peace alone

switsom: Biko where exactly are nemesis and karma? They should catch up with this man already.

sureboy4eva: Lol they go tell ibb to give them tactics to silent the $31.4 patience said it’s her own. Cos ibb na mafian OG for being responsible for missing money since days of fela

He is beginning to run helter skelter for help