Jonathan Goodluck AKA MR BADLUCK You are a Failure

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by  Iyiola Abolarin,

Jonathan Badluck you are a failure considering the fact that under your government Nigerians are dying at an alarming rate because you and your security thieves have decided to be playing casino with Nigerian government.

Jonathan Badluck you are not a leader and can never be a leader according to the rate of poverty in Nigeria under your government. At the moment you are occupying a seat that you snatched by force from a peaceful and true leader, may be that is why Nigerian has been in total chaos under your administration.

Jonathan Badluck you are a disgrace to leadership, you are a disgrace to academics and you are a disgrace to Nigerian citizenship with all your depiction of not having any shoe to wear, what is the point now that you have shoes to wear?

Jonathan Badluck with your PHD certificate as you claim why is it that you and Poverty Development People are running Nigeria our father land of over 170 million population the way no one in their right senses will run any organisation on this planet?

Democracy is all about the people majority and political equality. Democracy is not about Jonathan and PDP and you don’t need a PHD to understand that Nigeria is blinking RED at all sectors under your government okay? Jonathan Badluck you/PDP claim to be democratic and people are dying on a daily basis, you claim to be democratic and Nigerian universities are in shambles, you claim to be democratic and electricity sector is nothing to talk about, you claim to be democratic and major federal roads are nothing to talk about with all the foreign loans, you claim to be democratic and Nigeria is losing an estimated $8 billion dollars annually to oil theft and still don’t care about Nigerian families out there inside the country you reside without food to eat, you claim to be democratic and all we see is violations of human rights all over the country not to talk of the opposition party harassment, you claim to be democratic and you failed to protect lives and properties. Who will be left to utilise any infrastructure if any at all when all the citizens are dying? How come we still do not have record of any outcome for all the committees you have ever created including the Oil subsidy scandal?

If leaders before you are so bad as you claim must you replicate a bad ideology? Nigeria is 100 years old today and still not close to becoming Dubai were you and your allies transfer all your money into without any shame. There is no time to waste for people like you and Property Development People that has no strategic and ethical plan for Nigeria progress today not to even talk of generation to come because you and your partners in “project sock Nigeria Dry” has turned federation account and Nigeria reserves upside down and into your individual local and foreign bank accounts. You and your allies have failed. However, you will be a total failure and failure forever if you shuttle 2015 election which is your only chance to do one good thing for Nigeria.

As a PHD older which that you claim, you should know that in a democratic system of government citizens have rights to choose their leaders only under a free and fair election (In this case using card readers and PVCs). As such, we must vote, our vote must count on March 28 and you must hand over government to the winner without any drama like the ones you and Poverty Development People has been acting over the last 10 to 15 years. There is more to life after being a president and whatever happens to Nigeria now is on your head and on the head of all your security thieves. A word is enough for the wise.

By   –   IYIOLA ABOLARIN – Political Analyst –  [email protected]