Jonathanian Group, Arewa YIF Joins DSS In Debunked “Graves” Claim Against IPOB

DSS Chief Lawal Daura


Another phony group, the Arewa Youth Integrity Forum, which promised former President Goodluck Jonathan 20 million votes last year, has joined the bandwagon of those wishing to cause further divide and death in Nigeria by propagating an erroneous and misleading claim by the DSS that IPOB selected and killed 5 Hausa-Fulani men.

The claim has since been debunked by the Abia government who said the DSS were acting on rumor and non substantiated information. Further stating that Igbos were among the dead in a burial site of 50 something bodies; and that the site was used by miscreants who had been arrested.

The Jonathanian group, ARIF threatened Igbos and the Abia state governor “on how long people will remain calm,” in a release surprisingly published in Vanguard.