Jonathan’s Visits To Baga, Mubi Are Political, Criminal, Insult To Conscience – Idris Ahmed

Goodluck Jonathan

Yesterday around 11.00 in the morning, the good people of Mubi were invaded yet again, this time by military commandos in a convoy of bullet proof sport utility vehicles and other light armoured personnel carriers. Among these commandos was a war criminal, a pathological liar, a manifestly evil and corrupt politician, a divisive leader, a 419 PhD scammer and imposter, and the most dangerous head of state Nigeria ever had. Yes, this is Jonathan, a man who unlawfully prefers to be addressed as “Dr” Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. News also emerged that Jonathan and his gang of commandos had also visited the fishing town of Baga in Borno state.

A lingering question in the minds of millions of Nigerians and foreign observers is this;  why did this manifestly failed commander in chief suddenly decided to visit Mubi and Baga unannounced? Could there be a sinister ulterior motive to this visit? I aver that there is! And here is my logic!

1. The multi-billion commercial city of Mubi was handed over to marauding Boko Haram terror barbarians in cold blood by the Nigerian Army stationed in the city on 29/10/2014. Few hours before the invasion of Mubi, Nigeria’s most senior military officer, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Vice-Marshal Alex Badeh, sent in military helicopter to evacuate his entire family from Vimtim, in the eastern flank of Mubi. This means that the CDS was pretty much aware of the impending Boko Haram attack on the city. Instead of mounting a strong pre-emptive attack with fighter jets and military helicopters to wipe out the Haramites, he preferred to callously evacuate his family and leave the nearly 1 million inhabitants of this thriving commercial city to perish.

The people of Mubi witnessed destruction to human life, property, and infrastructure, the like they have never heard of or seen before. Just 64 Boko Haram terrorists managed to overcome a city of nearly 1 million people, and cart away military gear and people’s wealth worth billions or even trillions. Nobody knows the exact figure, but several eye witnesses have confirmed that 90 trucks full of wealth was carted away to Chad, and with impunity, because no attempt was made by the Nigerian Airforce to bomb these trucks on transit to Chad. This is treason! This event was highly condemned around the world. Jonathan, as the commander in chief was supposed to condemn and sack his incompetent callous military chiefs. Tragically, not a word was heard from him, let alone the sacking of his military chiefs, especially, Air Vice-Marshal Badeh.

2. In the early hours of Saturday, 3/01/2015, the good people of Baga were visited by the marauding barbarians from hell. Baga witnessed the destruction of human life, property, and infrastructure, the like never seen before in Nigeria’s history. What happened in Baga led the UK Minister of State for Commonwealth and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Swire MP, to describe Boko Haram as the most dangerous terror group ever known to man. Despite the calamity of the massacre in Baga during which 2,000 – 4,000 lost their lives, Jonathan’s government never even acknowledged the town was attacked, let alone condemn it, or accord emergency military intervention and material aid to save the people. Genocide was committed, yet in Jonathan’s genocidal scheme of things the town of Baga and its people did not even exist as part of Nigerian territory! This was another treason committed by him and his military chiefs.

3. Four months after the Mubi massacre, and two months after the Baga massacre, this most dangerous and disgraceful of Blackmen that ever walked on planet earth suddenly dresses in military gear like a clown that he is and pays surprise visits to Mubi and Baga, but to what end? Jonathan, his service chiefs, and Boko Haram siblings are aware that they have no hiding place on the planet for the war crimes, and crimes against humanity that they perpetrated against our people in the Northern Nigeria. Under Nigerian, African Union, and international laws, the massacres of Mubi and Baga alone are enough to secure their convictions at the ICC.

4. If Jonathan means our people well, why did he not seek to intervene militarily during the early hours of the Boko Haram attacks on Mubi and Baga? Why did he deny the massacre of Baga, and only acknowledged it after international condemnation?

The UK parliament deemed it so serious and held a special session on Monday, 12/01/2015, to discuss the genocide in Baga.

As Nigeria’s head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces, why did Jonathan not recall parliament to discuss the same Baga Massacre? Why did he not sack his treacherous inept military chiefs for treason?

Why did he not accord significant assistance to the local populations and IDPs in the towns affected following these attacks?

Why did he not come in person to visit the affected towns to express solidarity and sympathy with his traumatised citizens? When he finally showed up months after the calamitous events, why did he not seek to meet the masses, especially the internally displaced people in Mubi, Yola and Baga?

Why did he and his commandos have to travel long distances to meet so few people? Based on the secret meeting held at the presidency on Thursday 12/02/2015, which we exposed, we are all aware that several billions of Naira have been allocated for bribing traditional rulers in the North.

I therefore contend that the surprise visits Jonathan made to Mubi and Baga are worthless. It was a criminal attempt to pervert the cause of justice by bribing and placating traditional rulers and local elite who for most part have been co-conspirators in the ongoing genocide against our people.

Finally, I call upon all well meaning Nigerians to use the strongest voice that they can muster to unequivocally condemn these provocative and sinister visits that are devoid of any sincerity, and sympathy for our people’s well-being. Jonathan and his cabal have indeed insulted our collective intelligence. This is the time to fight back folks. It is now or never!

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.