JTF Launches Offensive in Maiduguri: Explosions Rock City; Emir Escapes Bomber

August 4th, 2012 {Revised}

NewsRescue- Sequel to a bomb attack yesterday after Friday prayers that targeted the Emir of Fika, Yobe State, Dr., Alhaji Muhammadu Abali Ibn Muhammadu Idrissa, in which a security detail was blown up, the Joint Task Force has launched a full scale offensive against this terror menace.

Explosions could be heard all over Maiduguri, Friday, continuing into the night and also today, as the JTF went on a search, attack and arrest mission across the sate, making several arrests, while engaging suspected terrorists in gun battles.

According to our reporters on the ground, Gwange, Kalari and Budum were some areas that witnessed major action.

Emir of Fika; Alhaji Muhammad Alkali Ibn Abali Muhammad escaped narrowly yesterday

Boko Haram are known as a very mischievous group with political and foreign sponsors. Their mission in Nigeria is totally unknown, but based on their tactics, causing sectarian strife and disintegration of the country is the only consistent objective.

The terror sect has in the passed attacked government installations, then media houses, later engaging on a campaign of Sunday-Sunday Church attacks. All these evidently failed to bring about their desired results. Rather than create Muslim-Christian religious tension, their attacks brought about Muslim-Christian cooperations and even groups like MuslimsAgainstTerror.com and NigeriansUnitedAgainst Terrorism, a facebook group were formed to defeat them.

The fringe terror group has now apparently resorted to attempting to intimidate Muslim leadership and Muslims, with a new Friday-Friday terror and bombing campaign.

From the NewsRescue report yesterday, Friday – Friday Boko Attacks: Emir of Fika, Yobe, Barely Escapes Suicide Bomber; Orderly Blown in Attack:

The Attack on the Emir of yesterday is the second similar attack on Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria, post Friday prayers in recent weeks. Friday prayer attacks have become as rampant as Church bombings were weeks earlier.

Last week, in Kano, an attack after Friday prayers left several officers dead, as well as the Boko Haram armed terrorists. See: Nigeria: Eight Killed as Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Attack Mosque in Kano During Ramadan Prayers

And on June 13th, Boko Haram terrorist youth almost took the life of the Emir of Borno, and the state deputy Governor in a Friday Jummah attack. Boko Killed Brother, Now Try To Kill Shehu of Borno, Dep Gov. After Friday Prayers: 5 Die; it will be recalled that Boko killed the Emir’s youngest brother a year earlier.

The Emir of Fika, Mohammed Abali Ibn Idrissa, doubles as the Chairman of the Yobe State Council of Chiefs. He was noted in November last year, to have attributed the Boko Haram menace to massive unemployment and illiteracy in the North:

Speaking with the media at his Potiskum palace, last November, Alkali said: “If you have something doing, a good job at hand, you will not have time to kill anybody or destroy public property and rob banks. You will be concerned and busy with your job.               .

“So I hope the first thing in the agenda of government is to create more job opportunities for the unemployed youths of this country. When they are gainfully employed, there will be no more serial attacks and bombings in the North-East or anywhere in the country.”