Just Name The Country “Federal Republic of Dangote,” Femi Kuti Tells Buhari

Femi Kuti, Afrobeat legend, has criticised those advocating for the sale of Nigeria’s important assets. This came after the Nigerian president agreed to advice that emanated from Aliko Dangote that Nigeria should sell some of its key assets to “get out of the current economic recession.”

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, received the most amount of chaste from Kuti for calling on the federal government to sell its stake in the Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas Limited (NLNG).

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Bukola Saraki, senate president and Muhammadu Sanusi, emir of Kano, were also verbal-lashed by the musician during a recent mid-performance rant in the Afrikan Shrine.

He said: “Now Dangote has said he wants to buy Nigeria from us. One man wants to run everything that belongs to this country and your government is contemplating it. What does Nigeria now own? We don’t own electricity or hospitals; maybe we should call it federal republic of Dangote.


“Even Saraki, the same criminal suggests that we sell our national assets so that he can use the money he embezzled (or that his father stole) from Nigeria’s treasury to buy Nigeria all over.

“The worst person that even upset me is Sanusi, he too was talking. Instead of him to just mind his business in his palace. And he has a very young wife… they say she’s about 15-year old wife.

Femi Kuti
Femi Kuti

“Let her just be rubbing him thing and he should shut up his mouth. Don’t be bringing up this kind of discussion in Nigeria.

“I am asking you why Dangote wants to buy Nigeria. Now Buhari is Dangote’s best friend and you hear statements like ‘Nigeria is broke and the only way to save it is by selling it to Dangote rather than borrowing money from World Bank’.

“He is in charge of the banks’ dollars so if you go to the bank, you hear there is no dollar; why? They are giving it to Dangote.”