Kaduna: Tell Us The Truth About The Health Condition Of Our Governor, El-Rufai

El-Rufai implicated

By Jabir T Usman

At any time, whenever i wanted to say something concerning health, sickness, and death.

I always bring reference with the Hadith NO: 40 of An-Nawawi that says: “Kun fiddunyaa Ka’annaka ghariybun aw’abiru sabiyli. Idhaaa’ amsayta falaa’ tantaziri sabaah, idha asbahta falaa tantaziril-masaa. Wa khudh min sihhatika limaradik, wa min hayaatika limawtik. Rawaahul-Bukhaari.”

TRANSLATION: Be in this World like you are a stranger or a passerby. When you reach evening do not anticipate morning and when you reach morning do not anticipate evening. Take from your health for your sickness and from your life for your death. Related by Bukhari.

There is nothing to hide concerning the health condition of a human being, because nobody have the guarantee of his/ her health condition, at any time you may fall sick without a notification. So it is a usual activity for all human being on earth, to be healthy today and tomorrow fall sick, it is not a new and old thing everybody is familiar with sickness.

When I heard about the story or rumors about the unidentified sickness of our Governor, I didn’t believe the story, because I always want to prevent myself from becoming a gullible. But as the business of running the governmental activities of our state continues as usual with the absence of our governor, it simply determines that the story of his sickness is nearly getting to reality.

Before a state governor is absent in running the governmental activities of a state, some procedures must be followed. And the general public must also be aware that the governor is going to assign his Deputy or any other trusted prominent personality in his cabinet.

Now that the people of Kaduna state don’t know whereabouts of the governor for almost a week, without any public announcement, and the Deputy governor is currently discharging the duty of the governor as stated in the constitution. So what are we going to call this?

Last week president Muhammadu Buhari was in Kaduna, and he was received and welcomed by the Deputy Governor Barnabas Bala Bantex.

And today at Kafanchan the Deputy governor also headed the “Town Hall Meeting” without the presence of the governor, and up till now there is no any report or information concerning the absence of the governor in the state affairs. Why?

A faithful Muslim should follow the “Sunnah” and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), we are all equal to the scenario of sickness. Even if it is true that the governor is sick, hiding the condition of his health will never make him to recover sooner or later, except the Almighty God’s wish.

May the Almighty God give our governor the strength and ability to take Kaduna state to a greater heights.