Kaduna: The Only State With 3 Administrators In The Government House

By Malam Isah Abbas Ahmad,

It is not disputed that the present Kaduna State administration has 3 administrators; The Governor, The Deputy Governor and the VICE GOVERNOR. And unfortunately, the Vice Governor overpowers the governor and the deputy.

Ironically, the rate at which things only happen when it is in favor of the Vice Governor is alarming.

Appointments, contracts, postings and other government activities have to be in line with what she is pleased with before they get passed!

In summary, it appears like the Vice Governor runs the state at the expense of the good people of the state even though she is not the state indigene.

The good thing is; whatever goes around comes around. All these atrocities are time bound and thank God for Card Reader!

May Allah deliver us from all these insensitivities!