Katsina Governorship: He Who The Cap Fits

by Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari,

As the second round of elections in Nigeria is drawing nearer, it is now apparent to politicians that one can only win election when he is voted by the people. In katsina state, politics is often shaped by regionalism, party, elders and money politics. But now politics is taking a new dimension especially looking at the impact the March 28th has made on Nigerian democracy.

With less than a week to governorship election, politicians are out massively campaigning and seeking for votes from the electorate. It is a happy begging and  a new stage of our democracy that people can now vote candidates of their choices without intimidation and fear of rigging, and their votes will surely count. Between the four major contestants including  the APC and the PDP in katsina state, candidates are all out there seeking for votes. They now know that people look for competent, upright and capable leaders irrespective of their party of affiliation.

The contest in Katsina is certainly going to be competitive between the APC and the PDP candidates. Looking at the way regionalism is also influencing politics in the state, Masari of katsina south (APC) and Nashuni of Katsina north (PDP) will further divide the voters and perhaps, the state irrespective of emerges the winner. While TATA of APGA and Lado of PDM may not make any significant show in the exercise.

The APC is enjoying Buhari’s popularity and banking on that, while the PDP is currently governing the state and has a lot of money to its disposal. These factors are already manifesting as can be seen in their campaign rallies.

The electorate in Katsina must make a very wise choice for the common good of the state. Regionalism should not be allowed to divide the state as already there are claims from different quarters about marginalization.  For common good and development of Katsina state, whether Karaduwa, Katsina or Bayajidda, competent and upright leaders should be voted in order to consolidate the dreams and aspirations of Katsina people as seen in the March 28th election Presidential election.

Long live Katsina state,
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari
Lay out, Katsina