Kidnappers Tell Vanguard How They Picked Up Colonel Samaila Yunusa


The Vanguard newspaper has an article which gives the chilling precise details of how kidnappers picked up late Colonel Yinusa in Kaduna, the new kidnap capital of Nigeria.

The tale by Luka Binniyat as below was clearly from a source linked to the kidnappers as it knew when the kidnappers had started trailing the victims, and even knew when the kidnappers parked, took other turns and other matters the victims had no idea of.

Luka writes:

The sense of insecurity in Kaduna metropolis especially among the relatively well-offs, has pervaded into far rural areas of the state. It would seem that kidnapping in exchange for ransom is going on a wide scale, with most of the victims being the rich, and most of the cases going unreported out of fear of the repercussion.

The matter got worse with the curious abduction and murder of a serving army colonel, Samaila Yunusa, 44, an indigene of Kano State last weekend. As the army and police are working hard to unravel the motive behind the murder and possibly make arrest, 

Saturday Vanguard made extensive investigations on how Yunusa was killed. Col. Yunusa How Col. Yunusa was killed According to sources within and outside the family of the slain onetime Aide De Camp (ADC) to Vice President of Sierra Leone    in 1997 (when Yunusa served in Liberia as a captain), the murder of the colonel was avoidable if the occupant of the car he was driving in were observant about a certain grey SUV van that had been trailing them, from Dalet Barracks, Kakuri, Kaduna where he lived with his family. Said a source: “Yunusa had entered his Benz with his wife, Grace, another male adult (name withheld) and their two kids, 8 and 6 years respectively.

“It was around 7:30pm that Saturday evening, and it was not long after we had talked”, the source continued. 

“As he started the car, and made to drive out, he suddenly stopped and jumped out of the car, pleading to the rest of the occupants that he forgot a document in the house which he needed to pick. “He told the wife to take over the steering since the document could be in any of piles of files he had at home and he would take time to fish out the particular document.

“As the wife was driving, he was at the back with his two kids sorting for the document from the files he had taken out of the house. The said document was a guarantor form he had signed for a candidate seeking to join the army as an army recruit. “This is where the problem started: It was said that there was a grey SUV van that had parked not far from the house; that as soon as the wife drove out, the SUV was following as Yunusa was busy sieving the document.

“When they reached Alkali Road, the SUV overtook them and drove on. When they reached Tafawa Balewa Way, they did not notice the SUV parked by the side of the road. As they drove, the van followed but took a different route after a junction. “As they reached the new Yakowa Bridge, on Ibrahim Yakowa Way, they saw the SUV, parked. All this while, the colonel was still going through piles of documents from the files.

“Sadly, no one in the car called the attention of the soldier to the happening”, said the source. Soon, they reached Kamazo, and veered into a tight narrow road that leads to the home of the in-laws of Yunusa. The source said that the van was right behind them when they reached the gate of the house.

“The gate man came and opened half of the gate, ready to open the other half when three men emerged from the SUV and approached the car. Two of them had pistols and one was carrying an AK47 Rival. They were said to be very young men and were not wearing masks.

“They asked the wife who she was. And the colonel replied that she was his wife and asked them what they wanted.

“They now told the wife, the two kids and the other male to leave the car and enter the house. With guns pointing at Yunusa, they drove off with him, the SUV behind them”, said an impeccable source, who asked for anonymity.

In no time, as more sources revealed, the Nigeria Army swung into action, setting barricades and storming areas, including villages known for dubious issues around Kaduna.

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*Correction: Dalet barracks is in Kawo and not Kakuri as the story claimed.