Kola Boof + Kimora Lee Simmons + Djimon Hounsou = Steam!

June 14th, 2012

The Kimora Lee Simmons-Kola Boof contretemps are getting weirder by the minute.

On Wednesday, “The Sexy Part of the Bible” author tweeted that Simmons had taken legal action to stop her from posting about her alleged affair with the glamazon’s companion, actor Djimon Hounsou.

“This b—-h wants me SILENCED on Twitter!!! lmao,” Boof wrote to her 10,707 followers.

Not so, claim reps for Hounsou and Simmons.

“Djimon Hounsou and his family are not suing her,” said a spokesman for the actor.

“There is no lawsuit or merit to any of this,” insisted Simmons’ spokeswoman.

“Kimora is lying,” responded Boof, who added that she’d also been contacted by an assistant for Simmons ex-husband, hip-hop magnate Russell Simmons , in an attempt to broker a truce. (A rep for Simmons did not respond to our requests for comment.)

“They want me to stop tweeting about the couple and exit making an official statement,” Boof wrote. “They want me to ‘just let everything drop.’ ”

“I told him to go to hell,” added the 43-year-old Sudanese-Egyptian author and poet, who wrote about being the mistress of Osama Bin Laden in her autobiography “Diary of a Lost Girl.”

Boof has tweeted repeatedly that she will post her own “official statement (A-Z) regarding Djimon Hounsou” at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

On Sunday, we reported that Boof claimed she had carried on a four-year affair with Hounsou as an act of revenge against Simmons.

Boof claimed her fury against Simmons stemmed from something that happened during the author’s treatment for brain cancer at the Loma Linda Cancer Center in California in 2008.

“Kimora nearly destroyed my life and my children’s lives” she claimed.

At the time, Simmons’ rep told us that neither her client nor Hounsou had ever met or spoken with Boof, and that the author’s comments were “an outright falsehood and a series of lies.”

On Wednesday, Hounsou responded to Boof on Russell Simmons’ website Global Grind.com, writing: “I do not know, nor have I ever met this person.” The “Amistad” actor added, “I am a man of integrity and would never betray my wife or my family.”

After we asked Boof to elaborate on the nature of Simmons’ alleged legal action, she responded that a lawyer had asked her to “zip it,” but that she is “confident that i will kick Kimora’s ass.”

“Their marriage is over no matter how many photo ops they stage,” Boof wrote. “And as I’ve said before — I slept with Djimon more in the last year than Kimora did.”

At press time, Boof had eliminated some of the more caustic tweets she’d posted on Hounsou and Simmons, although the most recent one read, simply: “Battle stations.”

headline image: Vibe Vixen