Kwara Youth Commence Plan To Recall Saraki


This press briefing has become necessary due to our concern for the good people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who are currently passing through trying times, during this recovery phase and need all hands to be on deck to see a better day.

We are disturbed by the frequent face-off between the Senate and the Executive arm of Government which is affecting the whole Nation and requires the attention of all Nigerians, considering its adverse effect on the masses.

We are cognisant of the separation of powers in a democratic Government, but it is shocking to see the Legislative and Executive arms of Government formed by the same political party playing opposition between themselves in the name of ‘Separation of Power’.

We are aware that the expectations of Nigerians may not yet have been met by this administration and we are concerned that despite the high level of expectation of the people, many sensitive issues that has to do with the general welfare of Nigerians have not been given prompt and required attention by the Senate thereby causing delay in implementation and hindering good Governance.

We are also concerned that the Senate in their recent sitting suspended all issues regarding confirmation of nominees.

We, the youths of Kwara State expect that the Senate President who hails from our State, would make us proud by working with the Executive to deliver the dividends of democracy to the good people of Nigeria rather than prioritizing personal issues above public interest.

Sadly, Bills of public interest such as Local Government Autonomy Bill and other Bills that will make direct impact on the people have not yet received adequate attention from the Senate.

We are disappointed that despite the economic recession which demands urgent attention, the Senate leadership has been paying more attention on swarming court rooms for CCT trial, Custom Boss Uniform and debates on the recalling of an individual Senator.

As youth stakeholders of the home State of the President of the Senate, we wish to express our disappointment in the leadership of the Senate for their incessant bickering with the executive arm of Government thereby causing obstruction of the smooth running of the Government of Nigeria.

In the absence of our President Muhammadu Buhari, who we pray for his speedy recovery, we have an Acting President Yemi Osinbajo who has without doubt remained loyal, committed and focused in leading this country out of the current economic hardships and keeping the good people of Nigeria secure and united as one Great Nation. What we need from the Senate is its support and cooperation with such a leader and not their constant throwing of spanners in the works of good Governance.

Kwara Youths have not felt the impact of having a Senate President from our State but rather are constantly embarrassed with the display of multi-billion Naira convoys to the face of unemployed Kwara youths and oppression of civil servants whose salaries have not been paid for months.

We have resolved that if having a Senate President from our State will not add value to our situation and will not be a blessing to Nigerians, we will not hesitate to begin a recall process for Senator Bukola Saraki of the Kwara Central Senatorial District.

We hereby advice him to realise that he is there to serve the good people of Nigeria, adjust his ways and prioritize the interest of Nigerians above ego and personal political ambition.

Thank you and God bless.

Jointly signed by:

The President of Kwara Youth Stakeholders Forum Charles Olufemi Folayan, Dep. President Ahmed Alanamu, Secretary Abolarin Olushola, PRO Damilola Abolarin, Kwara Central Coordinator Abdurasak Oyan, Kwara South Coordinator Arinde Olushola and Kwara North Coordinator Ahmed Mohammed