Lagos: Doctor Appreciates New Lagos Government

Real Transformation Exemplified

by Dr. Tq

Less than a month ago, the Lagos state health service commission started a recruitment process, open as open can be, which was concluded within three weeks. A week latter all the newly employed are on Lagos state pay role; as they start working from day 1 they are assured of getting paid come pay day. This is not the case in all other government establishments in this country and certainly was not the picture in Lagos a decade ago.

As exists now everywhere else, the story of a newly employed in Lagos state civil service was fought with despondency, agony and abject poverty as he remains unpaid for the first few months after employment sometimes as much as 7 months are accounted for in this difficult gestation.

One would always wondered how difficult it could have being to get paid from day 1 and it sure seemed unachievable.

Yet the story above has proven us wrong; it can be done.

It’s a story of transformation, dedication to improvement and problem solving.

The first step was taken during Tinubu’s tenure when Lagos state pay system was converted onto the Oracle platform, thereby digitizing the payment infrastructure and affording us the benefits technology had to offer, the rest was commonsense and the result of that common sense is what we read and we see in the joys of those who get employed today.

This is real transformation and common sense is when we realized that other states do not need to reinvent the wheel.


Dr Tq was a very vocal critic of the Fashola administration. During that administration, due to chronic actions, doctors spent more time at home than working.