Lai Muhammad Should Repent, by Nasir Hashim


Where Lai Muhammad Got It Wrong, by Nasir Hashim

Lai Muhammad lied to millions of Nigerians that Sheikh Ibrahim El –Zakzaky, the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, was being kept in a guest house with his family, and that he was not in government custody.

He moved farther to contradict himself by saying that the federal government was keeping him in custody only because they were building him a new house where he would move to on completion, and that the difficulty they had was that no one wanted to be his neighbor.

He also said that the court said that Sheikh El-Zakzaky must not be released until that new house had been completed. This is scandalous!

Lai Muhammad does not appropriately understand what it means to be a minister of information. It is obvious that he thinks to be minister of information means to be a pernicious liar, false propagandist, deceiver, sadist, and definitely an agent of Satan. So, he is qualified since he has been rigorously trained in perdition.

Lai Muhammad thinks being a minister of information and culture in the best thing and the highest achievement in life – (what the heaven holds does matter to him). Thus, he prefers losing his conscience and morality to the ministerial post.

Lai Muhammad seems to be of the belief that APC and President Buhari are the pinnacle of all kinds of temporal advantage, and perhaps the replacement of divine power and influence. For that reason therefore, he can go to any great length to defend their interests at the expense of his dignity of human person. He may even worship them instead of the God his parents brought him up to serve as his creator.

In my opinion there is no man comparable to Lai Muhammad in mendacity in the whole Nigeria except the Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai who appeared in somersault position on radio and TV to tell Nigerians that he was with El-Zakzaky in MSS when ABU expelled him. I wonder how El-Zakzaky managed to get first class in economics after he had been expelled from the university.

Considering his age- methinks too late for Lai Muhammad to repent, however, we should follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his brother, Jesus Christ by paying good for bad. We thus have to pray for the notorious old liar; maybe he can realize that though it is possible he sleeps and snores within the four walls of his room, well decorated by the government that rendered Nigeria a banana country, but his lies are too big a sin to trouble his soul at death.