It Is Too Late: Millions Of Nigerians Dying And At Risk Of Death

Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor


Boko Haram is waxing stronger every day. Since the abduction of 200 Chibok girls, the Nigerian leadership totally lost its senses if it ever had them in the first place. The Jonathan-led government refused to accost Boko Haram all through this year while they were holed up in Sambisa forest. The Minister of defense, Spy Ailyu Mohammed Gusau has been tactless and deliberately hopeless in defining a prompt defense strategy to combat the terror crisis. Boko Haram should have been starved in the forest; but this was never done. Nigerians demanded the right to bear arms for battle tested and ready civilians (CJTF), hunters, ex-service men and other vigilantes to assist the overwhelmed and sabotaged military crush Boko Haram, but the Jonathan-led government suspiciously refused this logical resort that worked in Algeria during the black decade of the 80s and has also been invaluable in restraining ISIS in Iraq, and rather de-armed the local populace with house-to-house searches, leaving them defenseless.

The Nigerian head of security, NSA Aliyu Dasuki who is Gusau’s brother in-law; both recycled expired members of the Babangida dictator terror-loaded years, failed to advise the government on the necessary defense strategies. Nigeria’s ex-military Chief, General Azubuike Ihejirika, who was illegally/treasonably in charge of the army (not confirmed by the Senate and thus sacked in January of2014 by a legal suit filed by Attorney Festus Keyamo) for the first five years of Boko Haram carnage during the Jonathan government has been accused of actually sponsoring the terror for reasons which inadvertently include the opportunity it availed of embezzling billions of dollars in budgetary allocations for defense. The United States have asked for his investigation for gross misappropriation and sabotage of the army. The new military chiefs continued his doctrine and all these ineffective heads of service and their families were bribed with massive plots of land from land dedicated to a military barracks in Abuja, to the tune of billions of dollars as compensation for their failure to perform their duties.

While all this was going on, rather than tackle the terror responsibly, the Jonathan government recklessly wasted Nigerians time and put the nation in jeopardy by utilizing the terror crises they failed to control as a political gimmick; blaming their alleged opponents for the unbraided terror. Rather than act against the terrorists and their known sponsors, the Jonathan government enjoyed the crisis which they saw as an opportunity which had partially divided the nation across religious lines and delivered the presidency to Jonathan in 2011 and could be utilized to do so again.

As Boko Haram under the protection of a government embroiled in corruption came out of Sambisa and began to capture territory in the nation’s northeast, rather than combat the terrorists, the Jonathan-led government in October of 2014, declared a unilateral cessation of fire against them. While the Nigerian military were told to stand down, Boko Haram was allowed to come out of Borno state and capture the entire northern one third of Adamawa State. Five local governments fell under Boko Haram control as parts of the new “#Bokoistan” republic. It is important to mention here that the former governor of Adamawa, a seasoned army veteran; Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako; who understood the operation and root of the terrorists and had the wherewithal to secure Adamawa state, had been impeached under the orders of the Jonathan government and removed from his office… could this have been to enable Boko Haram conquer his state?

Today Boko Haram rules over a large and growing chunk of Nigeria; over 20,000 sq kilometers, equal to four States. Over two million Nigerians are enslaved in this new terror nation. The issue of the kidnapped Chibok girls is now the smallest of the terrible problems. 2 million Nigerians are now literally abducted. In the 10+ local governments in Borno and the 5 in Adamawa, youth in their thousands are being conscripted and told to march in training as Boko Haram develops a military force of tens of thousands from our abandoned and citizens in the lost territory that can become the strongest human military force in West Africa. Terrorist military regimens in tens of thousands are being trained in Gamboru-Ngala, Dikwa, Abadam, Marte, Bama, Madagali, Gulak, Gwoza, Mitchika, Mubi and other captured local governments. Thousands of Nigerians are being slaughtered with latest counts from escapee Gwoza residents at 4,333, last week Monday. The total numbers may be in the tens of thousands as the local populace is being used either as sex slaves, military conscripts or being wiped out in a deliberate genocide, but with information impossible to accurately verify and with no local and international responsible interest in the deadly crisis, the information and true state of horror trickles.

Did we learn anything from history? Not distant history, but in fact just a year ago, Boko Haram similarly captured over 12 local governments in Borno and conscripted thousands of innocent youth. The government then after pressure from us, at last in May of 2013, ordered a State of Emergency and drafted the army to the north. The army then massacred the thousands of recruited northern youth, pushing the terrorists back into Sambisa. As soon as this victory was almost completely achieved, by August of that year the Nigerian army under General Azubuike Ihejirika suspiciously, abruptly stopped the successful military-Civilian-JTF joint action, replaced the JTF with a docile Army division, disallowed the efficient Civilian-JTF from their invaluable independent actions and cooperation with the military and allowed the terrorists regroup and forcefully recruit more north resident youth they captured in raids. Effort was also made to bribe and corrupt the Civilian-JTF leadership. Boko Haram was given a breather. By May of this year after months of government forces standing down and as we reported, watching the thousands of terrorist inhabited camps in Sambisa and not acting against them, the terrorists came out again and were are where we are today with territory, life and livelihood lost and the government is again keeping hands folded to allow millions get affected in the permitted terror. This is a systematic genocide.

How did Nigeria get here? A series of wicked, clueless and what may clearly be labeled as deliberate terrorist acts by the Jonathan leadership got the nation to this point where it has become too late and fending off this terror army, equipped, tolerated and armed by the Nigerian government, their friends and the francophone nations is edging to the impossible.

President Jonathan said: We know them and I will release the list of names of terror sponsors – He never did!

Jonathan said: Boko Haram are our siblings; we cannot send the army to wipe out our family. He thus refused to request global action and listing against them and discouraged the US from doing so; he also refused requests from Nigerian to crush them, but rather offered them amnesty for their murder and left them to grow.

Jonathan presidency said: No girls were kidnapped. Effectively delaying the rescue response and giving the terrorist time to secure their captives. Our ENDS organization revealed the true details of the chase after the terrorist and their abductees by local vigilantes/CJTF only.

Jonathan presidency: We have freed all but 8 of the abducted girls.

Jonathan presidency; There is a ceasefire starting today, this Monday the girls will be freed.

Jonathan presidency: The ceasefire is in progress, the killings you read of are by criminal gangs and not Boko Haram; the girls will all be freed next Monday.

Not a single political or top military sponsor of Boko Haram has been jailed to date. Boko Haram terrorist are never sentenced to death but rather protected with life sentences unlike the death that “petty” armed robbers get and as such are available to be jumped from jail or returned in senseless deals to their terror lairs.

Today, the process of disentangling the northeast from the reigns of terror if ever conducted will be most bloody. Hundreds of thousands are prone to death in urban military action against the occupying and controlling terror forces. Mismanagement has condemned the citizens of the north east to indescribable pain, death and risk of death. No one can fathom what it means to live in Boko Haram occupied territory under the Boko Haram government. This has been the faith of over a million Nigerians for a couple of months; with all their earnings being submitted to the terrorists in a Serf system of government. No one has been unaffected with all families losing their members and loved ones. We had told the Jonathan government to quit enabling terror and raid Sambisa to crush Boko Haram, but they pretended they were not doing so ‘to save the 200 girls,’ today 2 million Nigerians are at the risk the girls were at. 2 million Nigerians are abducted – living in Boko Haram’s new nation – and millions may die before this situation deliberately allowed to veer out of control is checked if it ever will be.

The Rabih Azzubair Ibn Fadlallah People’s Resistance Front

We have received reports and a diresct message of/from a northern citizen army led by a civilian warrior leader who goes by the legendary name, “Rabih Azzubair,” that is promising that his People’s Resistance Front is arraigning itself in the Amadamwa plateaus and preparing to combat the terrorists head-to-head and declares that any messenger of the Jonathan government, civilian or military that stands in the way of his mission to liberate the people of the northeast will also become his army’s sworn enemy. We hope and pray this is true and call on all living youth in the northeast and across Nigeria to support and join up with this resistance patriot’s army immediately.

Too many are dead and destroyed. It is too late.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian