My Letter to General Muhammad Buhari GCFR: Please Groom Other Reliable Leaders

Allow me a space to call the attention of the people’s general, the most popular politician in Africa, the tested and trusted leader General Muhammadu Buhari on claims from some politicians that he has endorsed them for some particular offices in his party and other parties  come 2015.  The growing number of the said endorsements are growing and hence the need for the general to know and to take proper action before they cause any conflict and embarrassment to his personality.

Peoples General! Your popularity and the backing you are enjoying from the masses is countless and  beyond your own expectations.  Sir, the need for you your self not to publicly declare your support for any aspirant before primaries is imperative to maintaining the good Internal democracy our  party is enjoying.  This is because, doing that may bring back the party’s conflict like it happened in 2011 when a candidate in Katsina,Kaduna, Bauchi and Kano governorship races claimed that the general endorsed them, that resulted into the party losing the election and a lot other positions in those states.

It baffles me to see the way politicians hide under the umbrella and good name of General Muhammad Buhari to win positions only to change another party later and to turn away from the general and the people. A politician currently serving as governor in the North east region was voted into power because of Buhari in 2007, he later defected to the ruling party with no regrets and pity in him. Also, another governor in North west did similar thing like that, but he was stopped in 2011. Another got to be a governor because of general, he later defected and is now a serving minister. This is not to mention the tens of thousands of other parliamentarians, party leaders, business men and women, associations, so called Comrades etc – who are benefiting from the good name of General Buhari to gain popularity, personal, political and other worldly things, but will later betray the general and the people.

Sir, the need for grooming leadership in Nigeria is like never before. While you go for the top office of President, there is the need for you through an association, forum or any other reliable means (outside political party as it is for everybody) to groom good leaders like you – under your watchful eyes, that will help in building the society especially the grass root as that is where leadership starts.

I wish you well my General, the Struggle for betterment of any nations come with difficulties and sacrifices. I understand and appreciate your sacrifices. Sir, do not allow any body to influence you to retire from politics because of age. Robert Mugabe is 90 and is doing well in Zimbabwe. Ronald Reagan was 70 when he became the President of United States. Continue with what you have started 12 years ago, Abdullahi wade of Sengeal and Muhammad Yusuf of Niger Republic spent 25 and 20 years respectively in the opposition before finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Sir, if you wish to chose any person as your running mate, please consider his up rightness, his achievements and his political value, do not allow people to discourage you from choosing a running mate on the basis of faith. If you wish to choose Fashola, please go ahead and chose him. He is competent and has a lot of political value.
General !  Shall in case  the primary or the general elections are rigged, please take the matter to the court. There may not be justice there, but you are a peace loving person, and peace will lead you way to success.

As 2015 elections come nearer, I pray may Allah (SWT) chose the best leaders for us to govern our country. Ya Allah guide them to the right path and ensure for us peace, faith and security.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari