Letter To Attahiru Jega; Your Turn For Sacrifice

Attahiru Jega


I am really sorry not to have utilized the time as earlier suggested by one of my friend,your admirer, to synchronize a believe that so many of us Nigerians accommodate about your present efforts to ensure a free, fair and credible election tomorrow. Many of us believed that as tired as you are now, the best option isolated in your chest could not be less than a befitting break that will rejuvenate your energy, afterward for sure, it wont be less than what prof. Tom David West said that you probably must report back to Bayero university Kano from where you were released for the National assignment in the first place and you can bet it that all of us will be waiting at the gate of the university on that day to receive you and probably laugh with you or share our anguish of which your sacrifice could have vaccinated us all against this ebola of rigging we experienced in almost all our elections in Nigeria.

That vaccination rotate within the premises of your hard earned principles and reputation, an incorruptible, hard to bend individual is what many of us grew up to know of you in Kano and many people have attested to your ruggedness especially during the famous episode of you and your daughter in BUK where it was acknowledged that you made her repeat because she failed an exam and of course all over Nigeria it was widely known of how you stand your ground against the military government of the maradonna during your negotiation on behalf of ASUU.

You have already conducted election in Nigeria, precisely in 2011 where Yar’aduwa was ushered into the number chair,this was done with the help of the unrepentant king maker in person of Aremu,while Yar’aduwa himself claimed that the election of that time is not and never free and fair, the rest is now history,only that what refused to escape our mind is the lost of lives recorded and caused by the spontaneous protest in over 13 states which by implication was caused by your refusal to suspend the announcement of the result, a hoax slapping the people in face  could easily cause even a war which we all have prayed against.

Having said that, from some of our analysis of the past event,we have since concluded that much was not your fault but your RECs sold you out,that was why we share the grip with you when you were being felted and stoned all over the north.Many have sang disparaging songs in your name and your family,you have equally escaped many ambush set to disgrace your personality in many of our northern traditional institutions you visited and such attacks were only slowed due to various emirs pleading for mercy on your behalf.

Sir,this time around you hold the ace because you have the card reader and digital identification process aimed to eliminate rigging through scandalous allocation of votes to government prepared candidate,what you dont have is the capacity to summon courage to close your ears to the gun to your head and the gun holder blaring into your ears of how your family are going to end like you,this after all is a routine activity as it happened in your last meeting with the service chiefs as reported by many media houses.

We believe you can easily break some one by not allowing him to break you,this is why we advice that for you to win you have to break their heart,emotions,psychology,intention and WILL, and to do that you have to first make a sacrifice of your self for the people of Nigeria.

The most easiest way to do this is, when they put the nozzle of the gun to your head and threaten to fire,especially immediately you feel the coldness of the nozzle of the gun to your skin,please tell them to FIRE, for Nigeria will engrave your name with a golden ink in a book of history in which the future will never forget.

The choice remain yours, while we wish you the best in making ordinary into extraordinary in your own way,we hoped you will tell them to fire when ever they threaten you again, that will surely identify who you are,for us over here, we already know who you are.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta