Letter To Kaduna Government As Vigilante Group Gets Above The Law, Killing Citizens

Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state

Open Letter To The Coordinator Operation Yaki And Security Adviser To Kaduna State Governor Col Yakubu Yusuf Soja Rtd

by Jabir T Usman


I am writing today, to voice my concern and outrage over the increasing torture, intimidation, harassment, and extra judicial killings by members of the vigilante group, popularly known as (Yan Kato da Gora) in Kaduna state.

Sir, I was absolutely infuriated over the recent scenario which lead to the killing of a teenager at Unguwar Mu’azu Kaduna, by members of the vigilante group. The teenager had been brutally/savagely beaten to death, just because they caught him looking for male students, close to the premises of GGSS Unguwar Mu’azu populary known as (Day Bola).

It is indeed, that security is everybody’s business, but that doesn’t warrant and give any individual or group the right to take Law into their hands, since there is legal security agencies that are recognize by the Law of our land. Of course Vigilante groups play a vital role towards tackling minor insecurity challenges in various communities across the state. But in these times, the activities of the Vigilante groups is getting out of sense and order here in Kaduna state. Because there were alot of large accusations which indicated that the Vigilante groups are over reacting in most cases that suppose to be handle by the Police and other Law enforcement agencies.

Severals reports revealed from different areas in Kaduna, say the Vigilante used to execute duties or functions which deviate their primary responsibility. Most especially in one of the area within Kaduna South local government, the Vigilante members used to coerce people into married, flogging ladys and guys those who are outside for discussion in the night, if they passed nine o’clock pm etc.

Sir, it was these similar atrocities committed by the vigilante groups in the early nineties (90s) that lead to the dissolution of vigilante in Kaduna state. As a matter of urgency, government should intervene on this matter in order to ensure justice shall be done about this evil act committed by the vigilante group, which touched the life of an ordinary teenager.

Therefore, it is government responsibility to ensure that the lives of it citizens is protected from any aggression and intimidation internally and externally. Furthermore, The primary of role the state is to protect its citizens Our constitution guarantees both the right to life and the right to security providing that, every person has the right to life, and that a person shall not be deprived of life intentionally, except to the extent authorized by the Constitution or other written law.

Finally, I hope my letter would attract your kind response concerning these issues for the interest of the general public.

Yours in nation building

Jabir T Usman
[email protected]