What Is Lobatan? [Lighter Side]

Apr. 13, 2014


Good Morning Everyone.. I hope You All had a wonderful night rest, well me I didn’t because, out of greediness my FFO-ness nature got the better of me… I finished 150naira Bread and a mountain of beans… Gbam!! Lobatan! I romanced the toilet through out the night.

This early morning while trying to get 30mins of sleep, this funny Bc woke me up, I want to stop being greedy, so let me share it with you all.

What is LOBATAN?

LOBATAN as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, is when your boy friend wants you to meet his family & on getting there, the following happens-

the elder brother is ur EX
the sister is the lady u just fought with over a man
the mother is the nurse who begged you not to abort your 4th pregnancy but you did
the father is d sugar daddy who just bought u BB Z10


Let me ask you this question, what will you do as a lady or the family of d guy?

Have a nice day everybody