M-Net Big Brother Africa Reality TV Show has Four Babies from Set

May 26th, 2012

NewVision- Did you know that the M-Net reality show Big Brother Africa has four babies to its name? Just recently, we told you that Philbert Okure, who represented us in the fourth season along with Hannington Kavuma, was expecting a baby with Liziwe Coka, the South African housemate he fell in love with on the show.

Right now they are probably doing final diaper shopping. Onwards, Meryl from Namibia and Mwisho Mwampamba from Tanzania met on Big Brother All Stars in 2010, fell in love and got engaged in the house, becoming the very first Big Brother Africa couple to do that ever.

Three months ago, the couple welcomed their Big Brother baby. Moving on, we have Kevin Chuwang from Nigeria and Elizabeth Gupta from Tanzania, who fell in love during Big Brother Revolution in 2009. They welcomed their first baby last year. Remember South Africa’s Quinn Sieber and Mozambique’s Jennifer Mussanhaneare, both lovebirds from Big Brother Revolution?

They also recently welcomed their first baby. Clearly, Big Brother hasn’t only made people rich, it has found them lifetime companions.