Man of the Masses: My Calling To Be Nigeria’s Next President – Dr. Perry Brimah [VIDEO]

Fellow Nigerians,

Why am I volunteering to serve as the next president of Nigeria?

I declared my intention to run for the presidency in July of 2017 after it became obvious that the old brigade had no ideas and lacked the commitment and capacity to deliver Nigeria from the shackles of post-colonial misery, poverty and hopelessness.

1. As a medical doctor and well published peer-reviewed scientific researcher with specialization in afflictions of minorities, I see Nigeria as one big sick patient that needs urgent medical and surgical attention. The management of a selfless, intelligent, enlightened new mind with global experience, who is a man of the masses.

2. Born in Russia and having lived in several countries including the United States, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Ghana and the United Kingdom, I bring an essential over 25 years of holistic global experience of what is, how things should be and how things should never be. I believe this quality of not just visiting or studying but actually living abroad, in reasonable and responsible, sane societies, is essential for the next leaders of Nigeria.

3. My team will introduce the #DiasporaInitiative, with a Ministry of Brain Regain, which will bring back, employ in all government departments and harness the smart, exposed and experienced minds of Nigerians who the nation has lost and who today contribute a whopping $30 billion yearly to the Nigerian economy but are excluded from governance and electoral processes. This humongous talent loss is a big reason for our political, economic and social misery.

4. We will deliver Nigeria from the stale old vultures through the Cabal Must Go revolution, sanitizing the Nigerian system from the clutches of the old serpents as Ghana was sanitized via the Jerry Rawlings revolution, and United States via the Trade Union revolution…and as the French Revolution delivered France.

5. Unlike any other candidate, I totally and unabashedly promise my full commitment to the full restoration of regionalism, destroyed by Ironsi and Obasanjo, and the absolute devolution of powers, thereby limiting my powers as president and then Prime minister after all our changes have been passed. With strong and healthy regions, we will create the United States of Nigeria.

6. I promise the institution of Direct Democracy, where you the people will be directly involved in the issues that govern your lives, no longer being uninvolved as the Greek word “idiot” was coined to refer to. As president I will walk with you. I will listen to you. I will consult and confer with you in matters that affect you. There is so much technology for that.

7. As late Maitama warned Buhari, my government will take justice as top priority. The corrupt cabal even if he is my very brother, will be locked up as easily as the indomie thief is. As it is for the poor, so shall it be for the wealthy; as it is for the Igbo, so shall it be for the Yoruba and Hausa.

8. We must and will restore our police from the worst in the world to one of the best in the world via mass recruitment, training and technology so you trust them and they can protect and secure the nation from the current state of apparent state tolerated terror, kidnapping and wanton death.

9. We will break the senate! Imagine, with me, the executives protesting alongside you the masses, the senate will not be able to stand in the way of Nigeria’s progress and keep its greedy hands in the nation’s coffers. We will have one house and part time limited assemblymen on minimal wages. The people will come first.

10. Nigeria does not need wound dressing. We need radical surgical intervention. Too many have died prematurely. Died crossing the Mediterranean…suffered in slavery-bondage across the world in search for decent life. Too many of our old have died in poverty and misery.

11. As a pan African and black leader, we will be leaders to be reckoned with in the world. We will restore black power and the black position among nations.

12. Ghana has taught us that progress is not about money or infrastructure. It is about a healthy, safe and sane environment. Nigerians are willing, able and capable. We will provide the environment. You the people will take it from there! 

13. Do not call me “your excellency,” leave that title for God, call me the #1 servant. I will serve you because I am one of you. We will win. Together, we will hand over a Nigeria to our children we will be proud of.

God bless Nigeria.

I am Dr. Perry Brimah, a Man of the Masses.

Dr. Perry Brimah; the @CabalMustGo revolution can be joined on WhatsApp: +1-929-427-5305; +234-903-420-3031; Follow @EveryNigerian on twitter.or via