Man With Piano From Germany To Turkey Plays At Gezi Park in Historic “Viral on facebook” Event

June 13, 2013

(CNN) — Istanbul’s Gezi Park has seen days of sheer madness, but they have been punctuated with moments of beauty and joy.

The melancholic sounds from a grand piano echoed through the park in a moment of welcome serenity Wednesday. One that traveled all the way from Germany to Turkey, so its owner could play a song dedicated to the protesters.

Soon afterward, a video of the performance went viral on Facebook.

Demonstrators gathered around in the darkness as Davide Martello clinked out his original composition “Lightsoldiers.”

Masks and scarves used earlier to weaken the sting of teargas dangled from their necks. Hard hats used to abate the thud of flying gas canisters and stones dotted heads in the audience.