Matters Arising After The Zaria Massacre

“Think not of those who are killed in  the way of Allah as dead, Nay;they are alive with their Lord and they have provision.” #Quran  (3:169)
Prophet Muhammad  (sa) counsel to Imam Ali (as) on charity”
“As for charity, [give] as much as you are able, as much as you are able! Until you say I have overspent and you have not overspent!”
“Death to us is a tradition and Martyrdom in the cause of Allah to us is a victory.” -Imam Hussein (as)
On the 12th and 13th December, 2015, the Nigerian Army launched a brutal massacre on the Islamic Movement of Nigeria under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky killing hundreds to more than one thousand defenseless Nigerian men, women, the aged and children. After perpetrating the most heinous massacre in the history of Nigeria, the Nigerian Army on Monday 14th, 2015, collected all the corpes and burnt them to bury the evidences of that inhuman massacre.
The question that comes to mind is that why should the secular government in Nigeria execute a foreign – sponsored agenda by mass killings of Shia Muslims in Nigeria? The whole world knows that ShiaGenocide is an agenda of murderous terrorist groups such as ISIS, AlQaeda, BokoHaram etc. Then why should the Nigerian Army that is suppose to be a secular Army saddled with the responsibility of protecting all Nigerians massacred such a large number of Shia Muslims in Nigeria in just two days?
The hints to the answers of the above questions can be found by the reactions of the following:
1.Western nations who claimed to be flagbearers of freedom, democracy and human rights were all silent after the inhuman and brutal Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army. And in international relations and diplomacy, silence means consent. That means they consented to the mass killings of Nigerian civilians by the the Nigerian Army and the burning of some of them alive.
2.The tyrannical Saudi King Salman was reported to have called the Nigerian President #TyrantBuhari and commended him for a job well done. The Takfiri Saudi Wahhabi cleric spent days celebrating Nigerian President, the Nigerian Army Chief and Kaduna state Governor Elrufai as true “Jihadist” for their massacre of Shia Muslims in Nigeria and the complete destruction of the Zaria Husseiniyya.
3.The wild celebration of the Zaria massacre  on social media platforms by all Nigerian Wahhabis shocked the Christians of Southern Nigeria. Before now most of them do not know about the Sunni – Shia divide and they were shocked when they saw some Nigerian “Sunni” Muslims who are contaminated with Wahhabism celebrating the brutal massacre of defenseless Nigerians. These same Wahhabis will celebrate if Christians are massacred for example, they are the same people killing Christians and burning Churches in Northern Nigeria. It is important to note that some Sunni scholars and intellectuals strongly condemned the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army and this is a positive sign that Wahhabism have not succeeded in contaminating the whole of Sunni Islam. There are still people of conscience, people who believe in humanity and are not poisoned by sectarianism.
4.The Nigerian Army after the Zaria massacre promoted the sectarian agenda by assembling mostly Wahhabi cleric in Kaduna to rubber stamp it’s brutal killings in Zaria. This has never happened in the history of Nigeria that is suppose to be a secular state that guaranteed the right of freedom of religion and the right to worship. The world was shocked to see the Nigerian Army destroying a Shia religious site and desecrating grave yard.
Having established a foundation of the Zaria massacre, then come the issue of what is our responsibility towards the families of the Martyrs. In the Zaria massacre some families were completely wiped out. Some lost the breadwinners of the families leaving Widows and Orphans. While some lost sons and daughters. It is obvious here that the most vulnerable are the Widows and Orphans since their protectors have been killed by the Nigerian Army.
The care and wellbeing of these Widows and Orphans is our collective responsibility. We all know the harsh economic conditions that Nigerians are passing through, the little they were getting from their protectors had been terminated by the Nigerian Army killing their protectors.
Already there is a Shuhada (Martyr) Foundation that cater for the wellbeing of the Martyrs of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. For the entire 38 years of the existence of IMN, a total of 245 fell as Martyrs. But in the Zaria massacre alone hundreds or even more than one thousand fell as Martyrs. With this tragedy it is to be understood that more resources are needed by the Shuhada Foundation to take care of the hundreds of Widows and Orphans created by the brutal Zaria massacre.
I call on all brothers and sisters in Nigeria to fulfil our obligations to the Martyrs by increasing our donations to the Foundations. I am a strong believer in the doctrine that “the more you give, the more you get”. From past experience I saw the practical manifestation of this doctrine. For more information on the activities of the Foundation, this is their email address:[email protected]
Harun Elbinawi