May Day, May Day! Occupy Wall street gears up for May 1st

April 30th, 2012

NewsRescue- What started as an Arab spring inspired headless movement against corporate oppression of the ’99 percent’ rest of American working and non working class, has turned into a multi-head, focused, re-energized movement this Spring, ready to declare their strength and determination in May Day protests set-up across the United States. Since the beginning of Occupy protests in the United States, there have been over 7000 arrests of protesters in civil disobedience and this spring promises no abate.

The United States is known not to mark ‘May day’, known around the globe as ‘workers day’, marked every year on May 1st as a holiday in commemoration of workers. The Occupy movement has decided to show their re-invigoration this year with several activities planned for May day, a day when they call on all workers, shops and students to take a vacation from work, school and even shopping in solidarity with the peaceful protest of the disenfranchised ’99 percent’ against a list of problems in governance ultimately controlled and dictated by Wall street in this big business run nation as they refer to it.

Labor will be joining this strike action, promising to paralyze many cities, and everal schools in New York have promised to stage a peaceful walk out. There will be an open university as part of the May day activities expected to run from 10am to 3pm in New York.

Immigration right protests which always hold on May 1st are also being organized in harmony with other occupy protests.

Meanwhile the police have taken extra precautionary steps and are expected to inhibit and deny freedom of protest. Supporters of protests have reportedly been intimidated and banks are said to be in cooperation with law enforcement, doing all they can to frustrate the efforts of the peaceful movement.