Military coup in Nigeria?… as ailing President Yaradua returns

Feb 23, 2010

President Musa Yaradua

NewsRescue- Nigeria’s president, Musa Yaradua has arrived back in the capital Abuja three months after seeking medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, raising fresh questions over the leadership of Africa’s most populous nation.

He arrived in a Saudi jet accompanied by the presidential jet in the late hours of Tuesday night.

Reports reaching our desk are that a possible military coup is on the way in Africa’s most populous Nation, this being headed by ex President, Badamosi Babangida (IBB).

Two battalions are said to be keeping the acting president, Jonathan Goodluck under house arrest. Ex president Olusegun Obasanjo has also been said to have been picked up by the Nations security forces for his camping with the acting president.

Tensions have erupted and persisted in Nigeria since Yarduas 90 day absence while admitted in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. There has yet been no immediate word on the condition of the 58-year-old ailing presidents health condition and his fitness to rule, but it appears he has been brought back to facilitate a coup of sort.

At present there are 2 presidents in Nigeria.  The NADECO opposition that was active led by Professor Wole Soyinka in the Abiola saga have come to life and there have been marches upon demonstrations led by all prominent leaders, of the likes of Tunde Bakare.

It is rumored that disgruntled elements in the army particularly from Middle Belt are planning to ensure Jonathan is president, this is as a result of a posting made last week in which all senior posts were given to the North and the incessant violence in the Jos area which has been neglected.

The Niger Delta militants have promised to blow up every single oil installation if anything happens to the presidency of Jonathan.