Minister of Police Affairs Abdul Jelili Adesiyan Is A Hopeless Liar And Killer And Must Resign – EDITORIAL

Minister of police, Alhaji Abdul Jelili Adesiyan
IGP Suleiman Abba
IGP Suleiman Abba


Nigeria’s Minister of Police Affairs, Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan said this past December that the Nigerian police was ready to arrest any Nigerian guilty of making inflammatory statements. Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan said:

“Let them try it now and I’m telling you all now that I have started discussing with the Inspector-General of Police and the Director-General of Department of State Security (DSS) on the need to bring all those making inflammatory statements capable of causing violence in the land, to book.

“This government will no longer tolerate people making statements to incite the people against the government.

“This country belongs to us all and nobody can claim that it belongs to a section. They cannot capture power. Power belongs to God and He gives it to whoever he pleases. Members of the opposition should watch their utterances. We will no longer condone their excesses,” he warned, adding “those inciting the people against the government will pay for it. There will be no sacred cow,” Adesiyan warned.

NewsRescue editorial hereby submits that Abdul Jelili Adesiyan is a hopeless and treacherous liar and does not deserve the titles to his name nor the clothes on his back.

Since making the statements, a Nigerian minister, Kuku gathered with known Niger Delta terrorists including Asari Dokubo, Government Tompolo, Boyloaf and others and threatened the sovereignty of Nigeria while inciting violence and the minister has done nothing and not even commented on the press released threats of violence.

“…call for the arrest of Asari Dokubo,Tompolo for threatening that Nigeria would break up if President Jonathan lost the February Presidential election. The ex-militants said that war would follow in Nigeria if Jonathan lost the election. – Vanguard

We call on Abdul Jelili Adesiyan to kneel down and apologize to Nigeria and resign immediately from his office as the conduct he supervises over puts Nigerian lives at risk and directly promotes blood-shed.

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