Miracle In Niger: Mallam Claims Leafs On His Tree Have Quran Text

By Abubakar Ibrahim, Minna

The shocking tidings becomes a reality in Lambata in Paliambata community of Gurara local government of Niger State in Mallam Gado Usman house whom God has favored at round about of his life Endeavor through a revelation in the e tree leafs in his house after which he had gotten it spiritually in his vision.

Our reporter can Authoritatively report that most of the tree in his house turns to the written of the holy Qurans and it was also revealed that most of this revelation amazing leafs fell on the mallam in a dream but it came to reality in the next day.

Commenting on this was the favored mallam Usman Gado said he thank s ALLAH for the gift and people should hold their god well serve him well because he is the alpha and omega.

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