More “Godless” Terror in US: Man Kills 3 in Pennsylvania, Dies in Police Shootout

Dec. 21, 2012

(CNN) — A man killed two men and one woman Friday in central Pennsylvania, then died in a gunfight with state troopers, authorities said.

The first report of shots fired “at multiple locations” in Frankstown Township came in a 911 call placed around 9 a.m., Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said. As state troopers converged on the area, someone in a truck — going the opposite direction on a two-lane road — fired at two marked patrol cars.

The truck’s driver continued driving and then “rammed … head-on” into a different patrol car, Bivens said. He then got out of his vehicle and began firing at officers.

State troopers returned fire, eventually killing the truck’s driver.

Three state police members were hurt in the response. One was struck in the wrist by bullet fragments and in his chest — which was protected by body armor — by a bullet. Another trooper got glass fragments in his eyes and bullet fragments in his forehead. The third suffered minor injuries in the car accident with the shooter’s truck.

“It was a very violent attack,” Bivens said, adding all three had been treated and released from a local hospital as of Friday evening. “As more details come out about the investigation, I think you’ll see just how lucky they really were … Someone was watching over them.” Read more…