Murderous Terrorism In The Name Of Islam

Yesterday it was #Iraq & #Turkey, today it is #Indonesia. The question is that for Tomorrow, which country will be next?  Murderous Terrorism is spreading in #Muslims  countries like wild fire. Today terrorists struck in Indonesia killing innocent people and taking hostages. They think this is Jihad, they think this is Islam.
The question is how can this murderous trend of terrorism in Muslim countries that only kill and destroy be halted and rolled back? It is important that we study the root cause of this murderous terrorism in the name of Islam, only them can we understand it’s effects.
We can kill all the terrorists but if we do not destroy the root cause of terrorism, more terrorists will be created, nurtured & brainwashed. It is important to note that the New World Order that comprises Western imperialism and Global Zionism benefit from this murderous terrorism as in most cases these thugs of terrorism are their proxy Armies to further their evil imperialist agenda.
The New World Order (NWO) will pretend to be fighting this murderous terrorism by bombing and killing scores of terrorists to deceive the gullible and the unenlightened but the fact remain that the New World Order is not serious in fighting and destroying this murderous trend of terrorism in the name of Islam.
The burden now remain on the unbiased section of humanity to halt and roll back this trend of murderous terrorism. Bloodthirsty terrorism that only kill and destroy is a threat to all humanity regardless of race or religion.
We ask what is the root cause of terrorism? What is the reason that these terrorists believe that killing the innocent, bombings and raping women will bring glory to Islam? What/who brainwash them and what/who plant such evil mindsets in their hearts that killing the innocent is a ticket to “Paradise”?
These are important questions that we must ask and answer if we want to fully understand the root cause of the trend of murderous Takfiri terrorism that does nothing but bring death and destruction to us all.
The fact remains that all murderous terrorists that are killing people in the name of Islam are inspired by the deviant Wahhabism. All the available statistics have proven that non-Wahhabi Sunni Muslims do not engage in terrorism. It is Wahhabism that promote hate which is the first step towards Takfiri terrorism. It is Wahhabism that promotes the idea of excommunicating Muslims from Islam. That is the second step towards Takfiri terrorism. It is Wahhabism that promotes the concept of killing, destroying and raping all those who do not subscribe to that deviant cult. In summary, the root cause of the murderous terrorism is Wahhabism and the AlSaud regime is the Chief promoter of this deviant cult.
Finally, the last question is how can we get Muslim youths away from this trend of murderous Takfiri terrorism? The answer is Muslim youths should be taught the real values of true Islam that values the lives of humanity. De-Wahhabisation of Sunni Islam will go along way in halting this murderous trend of Takfiri terrorism. Sunni Islam must return to it great values before the contamination of Wahhabism.
Harun Elbinawi