Muslim Group: Datti Ahmad, Only You Can Stop Boko Haram

Datti Ahmad

August 24th, 2012

NewsRescue– In a passionate appeal, a Muslim group, MuslismsAgainstTerror has called on Dr. Datti Ahmad, the president of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, their mediator in the past to please call off their reign of terror on the Nigerian citizenry. Their letter is below:

Dr Datti Please Call Off The Boko Haram Dogs

Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmad

Salam Alaikum,

Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Datti

Dear brother in Islam and president of the Supreme Council of Shariah in Nigeria. We the Muslims against terror brotherhood wish to officially and formally beg you for the sake of Allah(S), the love or our noble Prophet(P) and the perfection of our Deen -ul-Islam to “call off the Boko Haram beasts”.

Enough has been enough. Boko Haram has done nothing to further your objectives and your Shariah plan for Nigeria. Indeed Boko Haram and their devilish tactics has only painted our noble Deen in poor light.

You founded the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria with the noble aim of implementing Shariah law. This has been implemented to great degree in the Northern states. This was done without shedding of blood and taking of innocent lives, all praise due to Allah. The North has been reported in global editorials as “the best states for doing business in Nigeria”, due to the peace and tranquility that existed and the safety of life and positive business atmosphere in the North, up until this Boko Haram menace came up and started their killings, frustrating Christians and Muslims and making the entire Northern environment into hell fire.

Do you like this? Do you support this? Dear Doctor, many have implored you since 2002 to call off your promotion of Muslim war against Christians. Many of your close friends have begged you in public and private to call off the hostility and war. Bala Muhammad wrote a letter to you begging you to call this off, to intervene.


Written by BALA MUHAMMAD Saturday, 05 May 2012 05:00

You have spoken. And Nigeria has heard you. Indeed, you have every right to be angry and frustrated. Your single-minded initiative to intervene in this ongoing national calamity was unprecedented. …..

Recall that, more than a quarter of a century ago, when regrettable misunderstandings occurred at the Islamic group you were a leading figure of, you were fearless and courageous enough to pull out, with hundreds of followers in tow, to form the Asusun Taimakon Musulunci, ATM, (or Muslim Aid Fund),…

When some years back you addressed the media about a certain matter Islamic, we all recall what a former Nigerian president said about you. If we remember correctly, he was reported to have asked, “Is it the same Dr. ID Ahmad that I know? That brilliant University of Ibadan-trained medical doctor, one of the North’s first? The Dr. Ahmad who I know to be a core nationalist and patriot? What got into him to become such a religious fanatic?” Yes, they could call you any name, but we know, more than all the pretenders today claiming to lead our religion and culture, you cannot be sponsored, you cannot be bribed and you cannot be compromised.

In the early 1990s, you were a Presidential Aspirant during the interminable IBB Transition. We were there with you. Because we believed you were different from the other politicians.

It looks as if there is only one key to unlock this matter. And, it seems, Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmad, that key is with you. For Allah’s sakes, use that key to keep that door open. Seize the moment. Use the opportunity. Intervene again. It is not for them. It is for Allah. Then for Nigeria. For us.

May Allah help you to help this nation, amin. Haza Wassalam.

read full letter-

Indeed many points come up from Bala’s letter to you. That you used to be known for noble character. But now you are seen as an extremist.

Also that you love to lead, a Statesman. You contested under Babangida in 1992 under the defunct SDP(Social Democratic party) for president of Nigeria. Is it the same you? Do you like to just lead anything possible? Is this why you broke away to form your own group, and also formed the Council of Shariah, just to be a leader? Walahi in Islam, we must only lead or accept leadership knowing the responsibility on our shoulders. Being a leader was something the great Sahaba ran away from, because on Judgment day, you will have so much to account for. Pride is Allah’s garment, only Allah(S) must wear pride. If you have pride, please take this garment of Allah off immediately, brother.

Are you interested in ruling over a North Nigeria if there is a division as you promote and envisage? Walahi none will let you lead a “North Nigeria”. And that is even if you survive the war that your silence and your many outbursts is building up.

Dr Datti, we read this in the news:

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN) has blamed the Kano riots on the Federal Government’s “hasty” support for the United States of America’s anti-terrorism effort.

Its president, Dr. Datti Ahmed, told journalists in Kaduna that … the Federal Government was insensitive to the feelings of the various adherents of different faiths, especially Muslims, in announcing its support for the US attempt to apprehend the chief suspect of the recent terrorist attack on America, Osama bin Laden.

(Vanguard: Kano: Obasanjo goes tough, Sharia council blames FG, October 17, 2001)


Do you really support Osama Bin Ladin? If these statements are made by you, then we Muslims really would not like you again representing our interests, because Osama as we know him was a puppet used by foreign bodies and agencies to further western interests in the world and he only helped to destroy Islam and enable occupations of so many Muslim Nations.

We read this about you online-

Even one Dr. Datti Ahmed of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, has on behalf of his organization threatened to unleash war if the president failed to convoke the conference.

and this-

The Presidency and the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) have in separate statements condemned the threat of war by a group of Muslim organisations led by Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmed. The group had on Tuesday after a meeting in Kaduna condemned the killing of Muslims in Yelwa, Plateau State and said if the Federal Government failed to convoke a Sovereign National Confe-rence, it will resort to war.

They vowed that the only thing that will avert the anarchy is for the Federal Government to convene a Sovereign National Conference immediately to enable the various nationalities decide on the fate of the nation. Ahmed told newsmen: “Call a sovereign national conference if you want to save the country, call a sovereign national conference, let’s sit round a table and let’s discuss whether we will continue living together or to separate, everybody goes his way. “If an overwhelming number of Nigerians want us to separate, we separate. But how do we want to separate? We can sit down around table or we fight a war. We will not submit to injustice, that’s why we are told to do Jihad. Jihad doesn’t mean attacking people without cause. It means don’t submit to an unjust person; fight him. If you die you go to paradise, if he dies he goes to hell. So what do you lose?”

Yusuf Danbaba Yariyok wrote of you-

I am particularly appalled by the fact that Nigeria has become a country where individuals wishing to settle their political squabbles borne out of greed say and do what they want without consequences.  It was not too long ago that Datti Ahmed, used the Supreme Council for Shari`a in Nigeria and the Council of Ulama to unleash bloodbath on Nigerians.  The year was 2002 and the occasion was Ngozi’s article on Muslim’s response to the Miss World Pageant in Abuja. Datti Ahmed called on the Muslim Ummah to rise to defend their religion by killing innocent Christians and other “pagans” for defaming the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).   The gullible peasants who are often used heeded the call and before one knew it Kaduna was already inflames.  The government did nothing neither did Datti face any consequences.


In Nigeria, being a religious leader shields you (although not always the case as seen in the arrest of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) leadership in Kwara state in 2004) from the law.  Blood sucking demigods like of Datti Ahmed and Sani Yerima will never sleep unless they see blood flooding the streets of Nigeria. Other wise, how could one explain the recent outburst of the so-called Muslim leaders meeting in Kaduna and the SCSN recent statements declaring jihad on Nigeria? For one thing we know these self-seekers do not represent the will of the northern Muslims whom they claim to be speaking for. How could a responsible religious leader threaten bloodshed if the Federal Government failed to coarse the Military High Command into ignoring all military rules and protocols to appoint junior officers to take command over their seniors simply because they were Muslims?

This type of ideology creates the environment of distrust and sectarian strife and murders in Nigeria. Do you stand for this? We have read several times where it was reported that you suggested and promoted that Muslims arm themselves and attack Christians in Nigeria. We do not believe you said this, if you do, we are sure the government would have arrested you as they did the founders of OPC, Dr. Frederick Fasehun, who they locked up and this ended most of OPC’s violence.

Indeed they say that both of you went to University of Ibadan and studied Medicine at about the same time, that perhaps you all decided on this ethnic militancy secessionist agenda with dream of ruling your bloodily liberated confederate, together. Allah knows best. We know “Boko Haram” with its Hausa name is a Hausa ethnic apparatus and not foundationally Islamic, though both elements are being mixed for greater success.

We the brotherhood have gained such knowledge about Boko Haram that we are very ashamed of their plans, support and methods.

Dear brother Datti, we believe that if indeed you did the unthinkable and promoted the un-Islamic killing of innocent people due to a beauty pageant or due to Osama, in addition to invoking the wrath of Allah(S), you would have been arrested, so we choose not to believe. Perhaps the media paints you in bad light.

Dr. Datti, we know you are one of the most brilliant minds in Nigeria. Not just as a medical doctor, but highly intelligent in all forms and fora. Not the type of person anyone will like to have as an enemy or the brain behind any oppositional force.

Is this “Jihad”, what of the greater Jihad? Do the people you encourage to pick up weapons and kill, do they know the rules of war in Islam?

Is a Muslim enjoined to kill any Christian because some people somewhere cursed the noble memory of Prophet Mohammed(P)? Walahi this is haram! And you know this. When our noble Prophet(P) died, he told everyone, I am just a person, I die.

In another narration, when some people cursed at the Prophet, and no one defended him, later they made bad statements about Allah(S), and his companion stood up to counter their statements, the noble Rasul stood up and left the area. When his companions asked him why? He responded that, before when they were silent, the angels were praising them for their resilience and tolerance. But when they retaliated, the angles left, and he, Muhammad(P) does not sit where there are no angels.

Do you as chairman of the Shariah council that you set up, promote this Islam of our nabi?

Do you believe that Churches and Christians are fair target?

Your children went to Catholic school, what if they were bombed in the school? Will this be pleasing to you? There were many Islamic schools they could have gone to in Kano, but rather you allowed them go to one of the best schools, even though it was Catholic. Do you hold different standards for your family than you wish on all other Nigerians?

Now your sons are learning and practicing medicine in the United Kingdom. A western and Christian country by all standards. will you wish on them there the persecution that Christians face under your watch in North Nigeria? Why then will you not stand up and condemn Boko Haram who have taken things out of the agenda that your friend, late Muhammad Yusuf planned. Can you not help us stop this monster that has grown out of the proportion that you and Muhammad Yusuf envisaged back when you promoted this type of behavior? Now even Boko Haram are threatening you yourself. Link-

Abubakar Shekau

Did you not say this on BBC-

A spokesman for the independent committee that called for the introduction of Islamic law, Dr Datti Ahmed, accused anti-Islamic elements of spreading propaganda designed to frighten non-Muslims into leaving Kano.

He said the Sharia and national legal systems would operate side by side.

Nigerian Muslim leaders have said all along that the Islamic law would not affect the lives of the Christian minority.

So why should it now be impossible for Muslims and Christians to live in peace in the North? More Muslims have even been killed by Haram Boko and by uprisings of angry mobs of Christians, Dr Datti, what do you think of this loss of life?

You purportedly said this is 2000. What has changed since? Can we not live and let live as true God-fearing Muslims?

Dr. Datti Ahmed said the country was operating a democracy which allowed freedom of movement and choice of religion. So if any individual feels too uncomfortable with any set up established by the majority in any state, he has the right to choose another state

Dear Dr Ibrahim Ahmed Datti, we are very worried by the trend of events.

You were negotiating a truce in March, but you walked out of it. Apparently you have direct phone line with these haram Boko terrorists. But you left the talks as you put it because of conditions which you set, not even Boko.

And you frustrated efforts at bringing peace and saving lives of Muslims and Christians. You complained that the talks were made public. Do you think the noble prophet in whose memory we behave as Muslims, will walk away from talks that can save life because his role is made public? What are you hiding? You do not want the world to know that you made peace? Or is it that you do not want the world to know that you had a role in the genesis of Haram Boko menace?

Also contrary to Sheikh Bauchi’s assertion that he learnt from the purported Boko Haram members that there was no any dialogue between them and government through Dr Datti Ahmed and that they even didn’t know Dr Datti Ahmed for that matter, the real Boko Haram leadership has confirmed that there had of course been a dialogue with the federal government through Dr Datti Ahmed.

It is pertinent to recall that Dr Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, President of the Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria (SCSN) had on behalf of the Council approached the President with an initiative to work through a confidential process in order to create an avenue for dialogue between Boko Haram and government, with a view to achieving peace. Mr. President welcomed the idea and advised his Principal Private Secretary; Ambassador Hassan Tukur to coordinate with Dr Datti Ahmed accordingly.

However, after the process began confidentially as it had been intended, and a contact with Boko Haram was actually established, Dr Datti Ahmed suddenly withdrew from the process citing sabotage by Ambassador Hassan Tukur, who according to Dr Datti Ahmed divulged the details of the process to the media, contrary to what had been agreed upon.

Though Ambassador Tukur denied the allegation and even went ahead in an attempt to downplay Dr. Datti Ahmed’s initiative by claiming that nobody appointed him in the first place and that he had instead brought himself in, it was clear that the confidentiality of the process was actually undermined by an insider anyway.

However, in as much as I consider the act of leaking the news to the media quite unethical and unprofessional, I nonetheless can’t understand how it justified Dr Datti Ahmed’s withdrawal from the process, especially considering the fact that, it was not Boko Haram that decided to withdraw from the process for that reason. As a matter of fact, it was not Boko Haram that put that condition in the first place. Moreover, it is obvious that, no matter what, the goal pursued through such process is worth any effort,

Boko Haram did not even walk away from those talks. Boko Haram did not put the condition of silence according to reports, you did. Dear brother what are we hiding? Why privacy, why are you hiding? Do you consider the over 200 Muslims who died in Kaduna due to Boko evil activities provoking unjust Christian mob attacks, even if you do not care for innocent Christian life? Or are you afraid?We must fear none save Allah!(S)

Quran 2:40 ….and fear none but Me. Quran 33:39 …and do not fear anyone except Allah; and Allah is Sufficient to take account.

Insha Allah all that is hidden will be revealed.

Now we implore you. You have friends, you have family, you were friends with Obasanjo, you were a member of his leadership forum. You have engaged with Christians I am sure you will not want dead. Please we Nigerians, we Muslims, we Humans beg you. Call off Boko Haram. Condemn them. Expose them.

When your name is dragged in the mud, no one will talk for you. If you do not help Nigeria deal with, condemn and end this madness, even your children, who we have observed are always silent when you are mentioned, they will now even turn their back on you.

The world knows you today with mixed opinions for your polio vaccine debacle and hindering the global goals. Allah(S) knows best, but it is very important how you will be known and remembered tomorrow, Wallahi, our end may be sooner than we envisage, we could even die or be killed tomorrow, and how you will be accepted in AlQiyamah and your family name will resound matters a lot on what you do next.

May Allah(S) have mercy on you and lead you along the right path. Islam is a Deen of knowledge and peace.

 اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ

 صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّين

Ihdinā ṣ-ṣirāṭ al-mustaqīm

Ṣirāṭ al-laḏīna an’amta ‘alayhim ġayril maġḍūbi ‘alayhim walāḍ ḍāllīn

Guide us to the Right Path.

The path of those upon whom Thou has bestowed favors, Not of those who Thou has cursed once nor of those who have gone astray.