Muslims Against Terror – Proposing a meeting between the community elders in Jos


Salam Alaikum.

There is sad news from Jos.

We the MuslimsAgainstTerror, after careful deliberation on the issues, come out with our understanding and our proposition:

  • We heard that the state Task Force on July 4th in reaction to a murdered officer, attacked a Fulani village and burned all their houses with even helicopters used.
  • We understand that tension built up between Berom and Fulani, and Fulani reported being attacked by Berom.
  • We understand that on the weekend of July 7th and 8th, certain assassins attacked Christian villagers of Berom and murdered some in their sleep.
  • We also have read that a holy sanctuary, a Church in which some Berom rightfully went to seek safety, was burned down by same assailants.
  • We also heard that eminent Berom senators, Datong and Fulani were killed or slumped during an attack by unknown assailants.
  • We have read that the assailants were well trained, equipped and wore Army uniform and bullet proof vests.
  • We have learned that the accursed Boko Haram group have claimed responsibility for the murdered in Jos.
  • We have been informed by brothers that many Hausa’s, Fulani’s and other innocent people were killed by Berom youth in reaction to the attack against their people.

Our statement:

Dear citizens of Jos and Nigeria.

Our government has obviously failed us.

Life is unbearable for both Berom and Fulani of Jos. Our people can not go to sleep without being worried they will be slaughtered in their sleep.

The police and JTF are not here to defend us, they aid and abet both sides and organise to attack us. They want us to kill each other.

Boko Haram wants us to kill each other.

Our proposal as goes with the injunctions of Islam is very simple and clear.

Let there be no war again until the elders have met.

We will repeat our proposal. Please share and spread this to all Nigerians.

Let there be no war again until the elders have met.

Perhaps we are fighting the wrong people.

Our mutual enemies are pitting us against each other.

Let our elders meet when we have been attacked and ask the other elders representing the other people to provide the account of their people’s actions. And to release the members of his community responsible for justice.

Only after we have made an attempt to meet with elders and determine what happened and what best can be done, and we have tried to resolve the problems, can we wage war.

Brothers, let us try at peace. The wounds run deep and bitter.

But we all loose if we fight each other. We all become killers, terrorists, destined for the hell fire. Berom youth are doing cannibalism, Fulani are slaughtering for no reason.

We have lost our human self.

This is a call for negotiations and dialogue.

The government has failed us, it is time we engage our wiser Ardo community elders.

Enough of this harj(killings)


Peace to Jos.

Brother Isa, media relations and publicity

Muslims Against

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